Finn Marlowe – Not His Kiss to Take


Author: Finn Marlowe
Reviewed by: Valentina
Publisher: Self Published
Genre: M/M Contemporary
ISBN 13:   9781301016075

Rating: ★★★★★ 

Summary: Dr. Evan Harrison has become a recluse, a prisoner inside his own house, felled in his prime by a migraine headache without end. All he’d ever wanted was to be a doctor, and now he’s nothing – until chance delivers a beaten and battered Jamie into his care. Fourteen years his junior, gorgeous, mouthy, stubborn and…completely and unquestionably straight. Maybe. Or maybe not…

Jamie doesn’t know what hit him, other than there were three of them, and that he’s broken and in pain and he doesn’t know the identity of the kind stranger with the cold stethoscope and warm eyes taking care of him. And he sure as hell doesn’t know why he likes his bossiness or finds him sexy….

Chance may have brought them together, but a shared attraction keeps them together long after Jamie’s bruises have faded. As Evan enjoys the longest pain-free stretch he’s known in two years, they begin to explore their attraction, the caresses of a kind Jamie’s never known. But even as Evan revels in his young lover’s first, tentative touches, the guilt is never far from his mind. Jamie’s never looked at another man romantically and Evan’s never looked at anything but. And Jamie won’t kiss him. That would be… gay.

Evan wants Jamie’s kiss more than he’s ever wanted anything before in his life, but it’s not his kiss to take, its Jamie’s to give. Evan knows wanting Jamie is wrong, their relationship unethical, a relationship forbidden with just cause. He swore an oath to do no harm. And it’s not only his oaths that are going to get broken–he’s never given his heart away before… 

Review:  Not His Kiss to Take is one of those stories that will either pleasantly surprise you or just put you off because it hits on one of your squeaky buttons. But either way, you won’t leave completely unaffected and I believe that was what the author was going for.

Evan is a doctor unable to work due to extreme headaches and certain aspects of his past. He’s a recluse, miserable and despite all of his money, he can’t see himself living his life with any happiness.

Jamie is a pretty twink – not the words he would use to describe himself – who found himself in the wrong place at the wrong time. Using the bathroom in the same bar Evan was in, Jamie gets brutally attacked and as circumstances would have it, refuses to go to the hospital.

Evan takes Jamie home, and from there you can pretty much look forward to many steamy situations which will definitely appeal to those whole like medical kink in the stories they read. While extremely sexual, this book isn’t forced on the subject. The scenes have a reason and purpose, but what’s more important, there aren’t two which are alike and it makes for a lovely diverse read.

The chemistry between the characters combined with all the kinks that just appeal to me, made this story a true winner in my eyes. The perfect ratio of sexual and romantic rounded it up nicely and I walked away utterly satisfied.

Finn doesn’t have a lot of books out, but I have read them all and one thing all of them have in common is excellent writing and originality. Personal preference varies as is the case with most things, so I did like some more than others, but I started each one expecting something satisfying and each one delivered even if in a lesser extent.

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  1. Thanks for the review, Valentina. And for the reminder to write for the people who like my somewhat unusual stuff, not for those that don’t.

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