Fred Gambino – Dark Shepherd: The Art of Fred Gambino

darkAuthor: Fred Gambino
Reviewer: Lucy
Publisher: Titan Books
Genre: Art
ISBN: 9781781168431

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Summary: The Art of Fred Gambino collects the out-of-this-world concept art, illustrations, paintings and sketches of the immensely talented Fred Gambino. Featuring excerpts from Fred’s varied career, as well as his personal multimedia project ‘Dark Shepherd’, this monograph is a must-have for science fiction art fans and budding 3D concept artists.

Review: Fred Gambino is an illustrator and artist with an eye to science fiction and fantasy. He also worked on movies such as Jimmy Neutron and The Ant Bully, which as a teacher I’ve seen multiple times each. Those, alas, are not featured in Dark Shepherd.

Dark Shepherd focuses on the sci fi and fantasy art of Fred Gambino, including Dark Shepherd, and it’s something wonderful to see. The book begins with the screenplay for Dark Shepherd with environment and characters interspersed among it. Following this are the concepts, Breel, The Mech and the ship. There is an introduction to the graphic novel, which was an interesting comparison of the artwork between the graphic novel and this book – there is a different “look” to this section, at least I thought so.

By far my favorite was the dragon illustrations, including the Robo Dragon. I also liked the Escape from Planet Earth section, again, a movie I’ve seen more than once.

This is more of a book for movie art fans or Gambino fans than a specific movie.

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