G.O. Noce – A Fairy’s Tale

Author: G.O. Noce
Reviewed by: Maya
Publisher: Torquere Press
Genre: M/M Paranormal
ISBN 13:   NA

Rating: ★★★☆☆ 

Summary: As the youngest and forgotten son of a local baron, Nathaniel Jones often seeks out adventure wherever he finds it. Then, one Halloween night, he encounters a mysterious stranger who seems as lonely as he is, only to have him disappear the next morning. Fourteen years later, after returning from the Napoleonic Wars, he meets an otherworldly — yet, strangely familiar – man in the woods who changes the course of his life forever.

Review: Ten year old Nate gets lost in the woods one night after refusing to play with the town boys because they always make him the princess in their games. It’s now late and dark and little Nate is hopelessly lost in the woods. After falling down, he is confronted by a very beautiful young man who looks terribly sad. The young man and boy talk for a while and Nate eventually falls asleep only to wake up alone in the morning. Fourteen years later, he returns from the war, world weary and a little lost as far as what his future holds.

Once again, he stumbles upon the mysterious man he met as a child only this time the man is fighting…wolves? Yes, huge monstrous wolves. Nate comes to the man’s aid only to have the man put down the virtues of humans. Did he say humans? Nate is offended and confused at the same time. Kellen, finally introduces himself and he is a right cranky bastard. He is beautiful but snarky and has little use for most humans. It turns out that Kellen is a Fairy prince and he is seeking a key that will lock the gate between the human and fey world forever. He and Nate embark on an adventure together, growing closer along the way.

This was too short for much story development and even less relationship development between Nate and Kellen. I enjoyed what little story is there but I can’t help but want more than what was given. The story has the bare bones of a great book with a very interesting world. The writing is very good and I look forward to reading something longer by this author.


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