Giveaway: A. J. Llewellyn / D. J. Manly – Crazy Joe

crazyBlurb:Montana Delray, a hot, good-looking New Orleans detective, had it made until his captain found him fooling around with his son at the office Christmas party. Even a gold shield and a medal for valor can’t save him from being busted down and transferred to the last place any cop wants to go–the 77th Precinct. Detective Joe Hunter, nicknamed “Crazy Joe” because he has the sixth sense, flounders in a department where everyone has their “idiosyncrasies.” Then Montana Delray walks through the doors of the 77th and turns psychic Joe’s world upside down. For the two mismatched detectives, is the 77th Precinct a nightmare or their destiny?


.Joe was pulling up to the curb. I pulled up behind him. I turned off the engine and watched him get out. Joe strolled over to my window. I lowered it. “Coming in, handsome? Or…do you dare?”

“You keep that up and I’ll drag you into the back of this car and do you right here.”

“Like Elizabeth?” He stuck out his tongue at me.

I got out, grinning. “Ha, ha.”

He was almost up to the door, a nice side-by-side duplex with red shutters and porch swing. He was putting the key in the door when I got up behind him. I pressed close, making sure he could feel how hard I was. I felt him tremble. “You’re giving yourself away there, Joe.”

“It won’t be that easy,” he said softly, pushing open the door. He switched on the light.

I looked down to see the tent in his pants. “Oh, okay. Are you sure about that?”

Joe inched along the hallway. He threw his keys on the sideboard and smiled. “You sure are a cheeky fellow.”

I reached out to him. “What did you call me, cheeky?”

Joe pulled away and pushed open the door to a bedroom. “Tell me in here.”

I followed him and watched while he lowered himself on the bed. “Okay, so…Montana, show me what you got?”

I shrugged out of my jacket, undid my gun holster and placed it on the chair. I checked my gun and made sure the safety was on. I smiled at him as I approached the bed. “I assume I have carte blanche to do whatever I have to in order to earn my man badge?”

Joe lay back on the pillow. “Whatever you go, I can handle.”

“I have no doubt of that,” I said softly, licking my lips. I reached down and undid his shirt, one button at a time. I pressed my lips to each place as I bared his chest. When his shirt was completely open and I’d reached Joe’s waist, he let out a faint moan.

I lifted my head and looked at him. “What was that?”

“You’re a tease,” he accused, between gritted teeth.

“Yes, but I please,” I told him, pressing my lips to his chest as I undid the zipper on his pants.

“We’ll see,” he replied…
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