Giveaway: Andrea Loredo – Choice

Ser Mirele Heine is a Guardian, sworn to protect the royal family. One night, after being oddly called away to slay a dragon in another province, Mirele and hir companions are ambushed. They rush back to the castle to find a coup is underway. Mirele manages to escape with hir charge, Princess Shahira de Granius.

As the two go into hiding and move from town to town, Shahira grapples with her conflicting feelings over the slaughter of her family, and Mirele struggles with the dark secret ze harbors and hir own affections for the princess.




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Thank you to Less Than Three Books for generously donating this ebook for giveaway.


Andrea is a college student currently studying biology at the University of Chicago. When not working on her numerous writing projects, she is most often playing video games, rolling terribly in Dungeons and Dragons, or doodling on her tablet. She also enjoys nature and space documentaries and watching Jeopardy daily.LT3



Leave a comment by 10/30/17 at 11:59 PM for a random chance to win a copy! Closed, Congratulations Greg D-R!

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  1. This looks good. Please put my name into the hat.

  2. I look forward to reading “Choice” as it sounds interesting. M/M books is pretty much all my husband and myself read. We love books where kids are involved, like an uncle raising his nephew or a manny and the Dad fall in love. Or a single father is dating a guy. I also am a huge fan of mystery books. Not sure what you wanted in the random comment, but here it is. Have a Great Day!!!

  3. Sounds really good. Thank you for the chance

  4. sounds great .. congrats

  5. Looks great. Thank you for the chance =)

  6. Sound great! Please count me in!

  7. Add me too please!!!

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