Giveaway: H.R. Harrison – Echoes of the Dead

When a job is supposed to be permanent, you don’t usually contemplate unemployment. But when Oswin’s position of interpreter for a deaf man is taken by an angel from Heaven, he finds himself adrift.

On his way back to his master’s house, he encounters a mysterious elf, Calder, living in dilapidated ruins. Intrigued and attracted, he lingers until morning and meets Calder’s pet—a black swan in an enchanted pond.

Calder is a man of magic and secrets, and Oswin cannot bring himself to leave until the mysteries come to light—but answers may be the very thing that drive him away.



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H.R. Harrison is the penname of one of those unfortunate souls whose immigrant ancestors decided to Americanize pronunciation without changing spelling.

She writes what she likes to read, which means lots of fairy tales but with a twist(!). Unusually, the twist is not usually just “gay”.

Her hobbies include sleeping, getting far too invested in possibly queer fictional characters, and trying Korean food she can’t get in the US.





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  1. excellent story of lives coming together for happiness

  2. Please include me in the draw. Thanks

  3. thanks for the chance…enjoyed the post today

  4. I love the cover. thank you for the chance

  5. …and now for something completely different. Looks good.

  6. thanks for the chance

  7. Please count me in!

  8. Sounds like a good read.

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