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hot cornerBLURB:After breaking up with his boyfriend Josh for the fifth time, Jeremy Woodward is in desperate need of a change. At the urging of his best friend, Jeremy decides to tag along on a trip to Nashville in the hopes of finding a job in minor league baseball. Even though Jeremy knows little about the game, the chance for a fresh start and a little distance from his old life is too hard to pass up. A short time later, Jeremy returns from Nashville with a new job, a fresh beginning, and sizzling memories of a one-night stand with a baseball player named Trevor. While working for the Chesapeake Bay Retrievers, Jeremy gets a taste of the life he wants. But his past is never far away. His ex, Josh, has promised to wait patiently for him to come to his senses. And the sexy Trevor, the team’s star third baseman, is never far away. Even though Jeremy works in the minor leagues, he’s got a major-league decision to make. Does he keep stealing time with the guy at third? Run home to the safety of his ex? Or perhaps take a chance on something exciting and entirely new with Theo, the cute guy hiding underneath the mascot suit?



..“What are you doing here, Trevor?”

He chuckled, and I felt his knee bump against mine. I thought he’d move it away quickly, but it lingered, just like his eyes did as they swept over me.

“I’ve been asking myself that question since I got here.”

“Do you work for one of the teams?”

“You could say that.”

“What does that mean?”

He leaned a bit closer to me, and I felt my breath catch. His voice came out in a whisper, right next to my ear. It was always a weakness of mine, and I thought I might dissolve into a puddle at his words.

“I don’t know about you, but I don’t feel much like talking. What do you say we get outta here? Go back to my room.”

No one had every propositioned me in such a blatant way before. Sure, I’d gotten groped at frat parties and hit on by guys so drunk they could barely walk. This was different…and more exciting than anything that had ever happened in my life. My logical brain told me to say no, head back to my room and be sensible. The rest of me was already thinking of downing the beer he’d bought me and then following him out of the bar. I already knew which side would win. Practicality never did get very far with me.

To that end, I started swigging from the longneck bottle, until the last dregs went down my throat. I set the bottle down and felt my face burning. One little word and the night would take an amazing turn. I licked my lips and thought one last time of walking away, until he put his hand on my leg, a little higher than he should have.


He grinned his million-dollar smile at me as he fished money out of his wallet and dropped it on the bar. I tried not to notice the generous tip he left as we walked out of the bar to a bank of elevators. We stepped inside without a word, the car half full with people. I pressed myself against the back wall and watched him press his floor button. The whole car was silent, each stop getting rid of a few more people, until we were the last two. He turned to me, and I expected him to kiss me, but instead he stared into my eyes, his voice a whisper.

“If there weren’t a camera in here, you’d be in trouble.”

I glanced to the corner of the car and saw the beady eye of the lens staring back at us. I thought it was odd he noticed something like that, but under the circumstances, I didn’t care if I had to wait another minute. The anticipation was freaking killing me. But in a good way. The elevator stopped, letting us out on one of the top floors. The hall was quiet as we strolled down the long corridor. When he stopped in front of a nondescript white door and pulled out his keycard, I tried to remember to breathe. The little light above the slot turned green and the door clicked. He grasped the lever and pushed the door open, shoving me inside.

I found myself against the inside of the door, his lips on mine in an instant. His body pressed me against the metal for a moment, his tongue probing into my mouth. His hands yanked me forward, then he started grabbing at my shirt with more force than was necessary. We started stumbling toward the king-sized bed on the other side of the room, our clothes flying as we went. We’d barely exchanged two words since the bar. I felt lucky he’d even told me his name. I was no stranger to one-night stands, but this was by far the best start to one. I’d never had hotel sex before.

I let him shove me down on the bed, happy to have him take charge. My mouth fell open as he slipped his boxers down his legs. His body was unbelievable. It dawned on me in that moment that this guy wasn’t in Nashville because he was a team executive. There was only one explanation for a body like his.

“You play baseball, don’t you?”

He grinned as he ran a hand over his chest, obviously aware of how amazing he looked.

“What gave me away?”

“Um, well, call it a hunch.”

“It’s the body, right?”

“Uh, yeah.”

Ordinarily, that kind of arrogance would have put me off. But with this guy, I was willing to overlook it. But it also made me feel self-conscious and I wished I’d thought to pull back the covers. Not that I had much time to think about it as he crawled over me, his mouth back on mine…

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Several years ago, Heidi Champa walked out the door of the day job she hated. Just a few months later, her first story was published. She hasn’t looked back since, mostly because there hasn’t been any time. Now an extensively published author, Heidi makes her home in Pennsylvania with her husband.

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