Gryvon -Dark Covenant


Author: Gryvon
Reviewed by: SheReadsAlot
Publisher: Storm Moon Press
M/M Fantasy
ISBN 13: 9781627570428

Rating: ★★★¼☆ 

Summary: When Eli signs up for the Academy, he believes he is exchanging his life of poverty for one of learning and luxury. All too soon, he learns that he has been tricked, and his contract amounts to giving himself to the masters of the Academy. His body, his movement, his life are all theirs to do with as they wish, no matter how depraved and sinister. At his darkest, Eli is approached by the enigmatic Eramus, an unseen creature who offers Eli the power to strike back against his victimizers—if only Eli will join with him and grant him entrance into this world. Eli must choose between enduring a life of torment or trusting the word of a being who almost certainly has his own dark agenda.

Review:  Creepy, freaky, dark…wet. Ah! Tentacles.

In Gryvon’s dark tentacle fantasy, “Dark Covenant” a newly turned 18 year old Eli has entire world changed when a dark stranger appears. The stranger named Eramus has a dark presence and radiates with power. Unfortunately, Eramus is the least of poor Eli’s problems.

Eli is the oldest of his family, his mother is dreadfully sick, he is one of too many mouths to feed and he is hungry. Aurelia is divided in upper class(Upper Aurelia) /lower class(Lower Aurelia). The options are small for Lower Aurelians (of which Eli is a citizen of). He works in a coal mine and a near death experience changes his life forever. Eli makes a deal that will provide money for his family but the price is very high. If you have a rape trigger, skip this book. There are a few graphic rape scenes.

Throughout the story, Eramus lingered with a dark presence, I did not know if I should root for him or against. I should have known any creature with tentacles should always get a thumbs up. Eramus was my favorite character of the story. He was mysterious, powerful and creepy. The problem being the story is too short and did not give enough information about Eramus to fully reach his potential.

I question if this was former fan fiction. I am not criticizing, but it read a little like Harry Potter fanfic in the beginning especially with the down on his luck kid having magical powers and being accepted to a magical academy. Only thing is that this story is much darker and of course…the non con.

There is one tentaclesex scene…it was erotic and creeptastic at the same time. I enjoyed it. But the story felt unfinished at the end. There was a good set up, the pseudo-thrill of Eramus talking in Eli’s head, the evil faculty members…it was good. The ending…*sigh* not as much. I can’t even say it was a HFN or HEA. It just…ended. I guess it could be inferred that it is a HEA since mating and a covenant bond occurs. I wish the story was longer and the characters where all given more time to grow especially the main characters. They had potential.

I see this story is from Storm Moon Press: All Wrapped Up anthology. I shall definitely check more out from the anthology and this author. I like dark tales especially if non-con/dub-con and tentacles are involved. ;D




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