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Sleepwalking coverSummary: Devastated by loss, Matthew sleepwalks through life, existing but not living.
Can someone rescue him from his waking nightmare and help him to live again?

Review: Matthew is a paralegal who was married to the big, strong Sam, a cop. “…my thigh was the size of his bicep-and yet he handled me as though I was the most precious thing on earth..” They were very happy, incredibly in love and expected to spend the rest of their lives together. Which they did, but not the way Matthew thought. Sam was killed while executing a warrant and Matthew has since then been just “sleepwalking” through life. He exists but he doesn’t live. He realizes it, but he isn’t able to stop it. “I’m not asleep, but I’m not awake, after the way you loved me.”

Elliot, a lawyer, sees the nearly invisible Matthew and is drawn to him. He is intrigued. “It was like he was a ghost. Only everyone knew this one existed, and they chose to ignore it.” He sees the sadness and god love him, he doesn’t push for things. He just wants to bring Matthew back to the land of the living.

As the two slowly and carefully become friends, I felt sorrow for Matthew and awe for Elliot. He is amazing. Matthew is lucky, having two men who thought the world of him. The story is very short but feels very complete. It is hopeful and I just loved Elliot and Matthew, wanting them to have the best. I think they will.






Invisible cover (1) Summary: What do you do when you become invisible to the love of your life?

Review: In this short story, we meet established couple Sean and David. They have been together for years, through David working towards being an ER physician, while Sean works from home. Unfortunately, David’s job is taking its toll on the relationship and Sean isn’t sure what to do about it.

Told in a back and forth POV, we get to see both Sean and David’s side of the story. The problem is noticed by Sean, who can’t understand why David falls asleep on the couch instead of coming to bed after work. Seems so simple, doesn’t it? Like it should be no big deal. Except, it is a big deal. The writing here is so realistic that I could feel Sean’s pain.

It takes something huge for David to begin to realize what he’s lost and something nearly cataclysmic to get them on the path to recovery. It isn’t easy, by any means.

This is such well-written short that seems so complete, a short glimpse into the trouble a couple can have, and the change that can happen when you love someone enough.

DIY coverInspiration for DIY Delights.
When I wrote DIY delights, it was always intended to be a short piece of fun fluff. The inspiration came from years of fixing up my home with the family. I’ve been married for 24 years and lived in two houses, both with very different issues, and through that time I have used the word Bollocks to describe many a situation.
Our first home was great while it was my husband and I, but as the family grew we had to create storage space without compromising living space. Also, we put our own stamp on the house with re-decorating then as the children got older and louder we saved the neighbors ears by sound proofing. That first house was where we became DIY experts.
Our second home was much older and although bigger; it presented a different set of issues. The previous owners did it up okay, but while on the surface, everything looked fine, beneath it was a can of worms. One of the main issues was dealt with in DIY delights – the bathroom. Although, the foot through the floor, mentioned in the story, happened to a friend of mine. He freely gave his permission to use it.
A leak at the back of the toilet tank turned into a gutting and complete remodeling. We discovered the downpipe was missing some of its shielding, allowing rain entrance. The location of the leak also meant it worked its way up the wall. When we pried away the layers, we discovered tiles, upon wallpaper, upon plasterboard and another layer of tiles. The wallpaper wasn’t in short strips either; a single strip started at the base of the wall, went up and over the ceiling and down the other side. We even uncovered an extra window. What was supposed to be a weekend or two job, turned out to be a nine-month project.
We haven’t reached the kitchen yet, but I suspect something similar in there. As for the garden I think I’ll leave that for another story. As in that adventure we will be dealing with draining a waterlogged lawn, a wasps nest, badgers, creating a Japanese garden and dealing with a dog who believes he was Houdini in a previous life.
We knew the house needed some work, and we wouldn’t swap it for the world, as when we have it finished, it will be the house of our dreams. One piece of fun trivia; in the trailer for bollocks it is my husband on the scaffolding pointing his arse to the camera – he was doing the pointing at the time.
Suffice as to say I am familiar with most forms of power tools and can use them fairly efficiently.

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