Havan Fellows – Geoff’s Teddy (Synchronous Seductions #3)

Author: Havan Fellows
Reviewed by: Lucy
Publisher:  Breathless Press
Genre: M/M Contemporary
ISBN 13:   9781771017992

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Summary:  Fuzzy is an unsatisfied ladies’ man. Geoff’s a bear-loving man who satisfies. Problem? Convincing a straight man that satisfaction might be just around the bend.

Overall Fuzzy has a good life. He loves his family, his friends are amusingly tolerable—mostly, and he enjoys his job. He never hurts for a date. Yep, the ladies seem to love the furry Fuzzy…so why does he feel like he’s missing out on something? And why does a surprise dinner with a strange man hold more interest for him than the flirty, available waitress?

Geoff knows who he is and what he’s after. He’s searching for a big hairy man to wrap around him. He just hasn’t found one that piques his interest…until he is manipulated into having dinner with Fuzzy—definitely not something to complain about. Fuzzy is tall and broad and proclaims to live up to his name. Everything that Geoff wants in a boyfriend. Except, Fuzzy happens to be straight.

When the opportunity arises for Fuzzy to crash at Geoff’s apartment, Geoff works his derriere off to see what other things can arise. And prays that he can capture his Fuzzy Wuzzy all for himself.

Review: I was so excited to see that this third installment of the Synchronous Seductions series features Theodore Beough, or Fuzzy.  Fuzzy Wuzzy?  Wait a minute, do NOT call him that.  He’s a big, well, fuzzy ladies man who is out with a different woman all the time, flirts unapologetically, is the envy of less lucky men, and really beginning to resent the reputation.  He’s not into it, and he doesn’t like it.  But he is sweet, funny and so laid back that you just wonder what it would take to really rile him up.

This installment begins with the dinner scene from Emery’s Ritches, now told from Fuzzy’s POV. When Emery, his boss, demands that Fuzzy accompany him to a steak house way out of the way, Fuzzy knows something is up, because Emery does absolutely nothing without planning it. He knows he’s right when they get there and Emery uses Fuzzy (who is happy to be Emery’s “wingman”, god he’s just so cute) to keep Ritchie’s assistant, Geoff, company during dinner. Fuzzy is nothing if not accommodating, and he agrees to have dinner with the “lil man”.  Geoff is also adorable, bright, vivacious and bubbly.  “Oh. My. God.  You’re a bear! A real live bear!”  He’s just funny. Oh, and he’s cute.

Something I appreciated about the story is that Fuzzy didn’t glance and Geoff and think I WANT A MAN! He was already aware that something, not sure what but something, was missing from his life.  Something in his love life, his dating life, just wasn’t quite right.  When the very cute waitress flirts with him, he again wonders, why isn’t he more excited about it?  They click at dinner, with Fuzzy being charming and funny (disgust about bears!) and Geoff being horny and ready to drool.  According to Emery’s plan, he leaves with Ritchie and gives his keys to Fuzzy, with a request to drive Geoff home.

After an accidental run in with gay porn on the TV, Geoff takes the time to answer Fuzzy’s questions about being gay and what is involved (more like the mechanics of it are answered, pain questions, etc.)  Geoff is patient, kind and honest.  The fact that he wants it to lead to touching Fuzzy is foremost in his head but he doesn’t let this rush Fuzzy into anything, and he doesn’t laugh at the questions even when he wants to (when Fuzzy not only can’t say the word “sex” but also can’t say “ass”).  This is where the line between real and fantasy blurs a little, because you have to believe that Fuzzy is more than a little dissatisfied and more than a little curious in order for him to just jump into what happens next, with someone he doesn’t know.

When a week goes by with no word from Fuzzy, Geoff gets mad.  Aggravated. Hurt?  All of the above. He decides to do the adult thing and eavesdrop on a conversation between Emery and Ritchie at the office, and he hears that an “Annie” is out with Fuzzy and will have him back to work later in the week, she’s so good to him. What? Fuzzy is cheating?  “Fuzzy could bite his non-woman ass.”   He’s pissed, and he heads over to Fuzzy’s, to be confronted by Annie, the woman keeping Fuzzy in bed.  Ahhh, Geoff.  All for the love of Theodore Alvin Beogh (Geoff, I agree – his parents did drugs).

Fuzzy’s mother’s reaction was so completely out of line with what I expected from someone Fuzzy would love, but the whole coming out scene (Fuzzy’s dad, just love him) was funny at times, and written well.  His mother, hmmm, needed a smack.  The reaction at work was a little idealistic.  I was happy how Fuzzy handled it, however.

This is a sweet story about a teddy bear of a man and how he finds what he’s been missing.  It also wraps up the trilogy with a party, which was a nice way to sum up our three couples. Definitely my favorite of the series.




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