Helena Maeve – A Touch of Spice


Author: Helena Maeve
Reviewed by: Aggie
Publisher: Total-E-Bound Publishing
Genre: M/M/F Menage
ISBN 13: 9781781844335

Rating: ★★★★★ 


A young woman orchestrates a threesome for her boyfriend’s birthday only to fall in love for a second time.

Jackie and Marten have been together for six years and things are getting a little stale, but Marten’s birthday should give Jackie the perfect opportunity to jazz things up a little in the bedroom.

Adult film star Tony Hancock’s role is simple enough: show up, be willing to please and readily satisfy Marten’s bisexual fantasies for the one-night adventure of a lifetime. Jackie couldn’t be more taken with their choice of partner. Tony is a passionate lover and the sexual chemistry he has with the pair is undeniable, but he is not as simple and straightforward as Jackie first thought.

When a past affair resurfaces, will Tony’s secrets unravel the burgeoning romance or will Jackie and Marten confess their feelings in time to convince Tony that he has a place beside them?

Reader Advisory: This story contains elements of kink and male submission.


Ladies, what would you give your boyfriend for his birthday? A night out on the town bar hoppin and getting totally poop-faced?  A couple of tickets to his favorite sporting event? A busty stripper popping out of a stupid cake? Or how about planning a three way with his favorite male porn actor? Ah yeah, the porn actor. That’s what I would have chosen to do too. LOL. But that’s actually what Jackie does in ” A Touch of Spice “, written by a very talented Helena Maeve.

” A Touch Of Spice ” takes place in Rotterdam, Holland. And it is told in third person from Jackie’s point of view. An American, who works at a fashion magazine, Jackie has been with her Dutch boyfriend, Marten for six years. Bored and probably settling into a monotonous routine, Jackie longs to spice things up. Marten is bisexual and he has shared some same sex fantasies with her. Since Marten’s birthday is coming up, Jackie decides to liven things up a bit by enlisting the help of their favorite internet porn actor, Tony. A raunchy three way on her baby’s birthday ought to do the trick(pun might be intended…heehee and WOO HOO!!! When she meets quiet, Welshman Tony he is all up (pun intended) for the job and they set out to plan it. After a slight misunderstanding by Marten that almost crashes the plans by the duo, things steam up and the story takes off. And I was hooked until the end.

This was a great story. I loved it. Threesomes, always complex anyway, get even more so when Jackie and Marten wind up having too good of a time with Tony, and start having feelings for him. Tony’s feelings at first, are ambiguous. Oh he loves the boinking that he is getting from his lovers, and the submissive role he plays, but as to whether or not he loves them is questionable until the end of ” A Touch Of Spice, ” when another relationship threatens their contented threesome and he has to make a choice.

I really enjoyed Jackie and Tony’s characters. Jackie wasn’t a weak female. She was assertive and almost aggressive in her pursuit of Tony. Even when Marten had misgivings about continuing the relationship, she wasn’t quite so ready to let go. She, I think, was the dominant partner in the novella, and I was a ok with that. In fact, I was thrilled with it.  I love dominant female characters. Chicks who know what they want and chase after it. Tony, was so sweetly submissive and gentle. The sheets practically lit on fire when he was in bed with Jackie and Marten, who both topped him. YOWZAS! If, I have one criticism of  ” A Touch of Spice ” is that there weren’t enough explicit sex scenes. And a little spanky wanky of Tony by both would have been awesome. But this pervy little reviewer digresses. The whole of  ” A  Touch of Spice ” is a great read because Ms. Maeve touches on the human and emotional sides of a three way relationship. In addition to jealousy issues. And it doesn’t always mean it can work out either.

I highly recommend this book to those who want something different, that has a satisfying ending and some hot sex, and particularly for those who love f/m/m threesomes, like I do.

I hope Ms. Maeve writes more like this. Oh, next time, I hope she adds a horny Irishmen a la Colin Farrell. Horny Irishmen are always appreciated. LOL.




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