Hurri Cosmo – The One

the one

Author: Hurri Cosmo
Reviewed by: Wendy
Publisher: Silver Publishing
Genre: M/M Fantasy
ISBN 13: 9781622320820

Rating: ★★★★☆ 


Summary:   Hunter has trained all of his life to become a hero. Now he has his chance. A great evil has invaded the land and the royal seer has dreamed that there is only one man who can save them.

A Gathering Quest has been launched by the king to find ‘The One’ in the seer’s dream, ‘The One’ who will save them. Hunter has had dreams too, frightening dreams. For that reason, he eagerly heads to the castle to meet this seer to determine if he is indeed ‘The One.’ But the seer disappears before Hunter reaches the castle. Now Hunter’s only choice is to launch his own quest to find the missing psychic. But the ever mischievous Tome, a man who drives Hunter crazy with his endless pursuit of being the best and his relentless acts of sexual harassment, somehow ends up handcuffed to him.

To make matters even worse, Tome insists now he will accompany Hunter on his quest – to protect him. Being handcuffed together, Hunter can hardly refuse. But how can Hunter save the world if he has to constantly battle a very demanding Tome’s advances? More importantly, how can he save himself from falling for this man with the dazzling smile?

Review:  Enemies-to-lovers is a favorite theme of mine, and this story has a slightly different take on that theme.  In this case, only one half of the MC duo has sworn off the other half.  Hunter thinks he hates Tome based on some old history between their families.  However, as much as Hunter professes to hate Tome and his irritating presence, he is also unwilling attracted to the man … at first.  Once his walls started to crumble, they came down with a vengeance and the hatred ultimately turned into admiration with a big side of passion.

I loved Tome.  He practically worshiped the ground that Hunter walked on and basically followed him around like a love sick puppy (or because of the handcuffs – either one is true).  He was mischievous from his head to his toes and his particular brand of determination made me smile.  It was gratifying to see Hunter’s opinion of Tome change during the course of their journey.  It may have started out with Hunter viewing Tome as a big doofus, but eventually he grew to like the protective streak in the big guy and began to admire how he played an important role in helping to solve the mystery they found themselves embroiled in.

This story is a cross between a historical, a fantasy world, and an action/adventure.  It contains a kingdom, soldiers, sword fighting, travel by horse, and people who have special abilities such as seeing the future or conjuring up evil spirits.  One of the best things about this book is just how good a job the author did in creating a mysterious evil atmosphere where you can feel the danger lurking just around the corner.

I was working hard to try to solve the mystery of the missing seer and evil spirits as the story progressed.  Just when I thought I might have it figured out, there was a twist in the plot that surprised me.  A happy ending seemed unlikely, so I was definitely impressed when things turned out in a very gratifying way.

The blurb had me intrigued and the beautiful cover was the icing on the cake in making my decision to read this book, and it was definitely a good decision.  If you like a combination of history, fantasy, mystery, mischief, creepy things, emotions that get flipped upside down, and happy endings, then this might be “the one” for you!


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