I.D. Locke – Bone: Slip of the Tongue

Author: I.D. Locke
Reviewed by: Maya
Publisher: Torquere Press
Genre: M/M Fantasy
ISBN 13:   9781610403818

Rating: ★★★½☆ 

Summary: Ivriah is a Battle Mage specializing in summoning demons to fight for his country, Islafar. He also uses his summoning skills to call male demons to see to his baser needs as same-sex relationships are illegal and ruthlessly punished in Islafar. Incorrect wording in a summons leads to him calling for the Bone Demon, Orajin, instead of the demon intended. While Ivriah finds Orajin very attractive, the fighting demon is far too cheeky for Ivriah’s bedroom tastes.

Orajin is thrilled to finally be called to Ivriah’s bed as he’s been secretly in love with the mage for years. Orajin does his best to show Ivriah that they are very compatible in bed and sets out to prove to the mage that they are perfect for each other. In a sneaky move, Orajin gives Ivriah a bone spur as a “token of affection” that is actually a symbol of engagement among Orajin’s people.

Their developing relationship and Ivriah’s safety and life are threatened when the authorities are alerted to it. Orajin swoops in to the rescue and offers Ivriah a chance to have his heart’s desire if he’s brave enough to take it.

Review: Ivriah is a cranky battle mage who enjoys sex with men. Same sex pairings in Islafar is punishable by imprisonment and sometimes death. He doesn’t dare risk having sex with anyone from his own world and jeopardize his life so summons demons for sex when the need arises. Demons live on a different plane and they are only there to serve out the sex contract that Ivriah his written and then they immediately return to their own plane, It is a safe and effective way for Ivriah to get off.

Orajin is a battle demon who Ivriah has been calling on during battles for over a decade. With his pale white skin, the color of new bone and his gorgeous purple hair, the color of blood, Ivriah is the most interesting and beautiful man that Orajin has ever seen but he has been hesitant to say anything to Ivriah in fear of the mage never calling on him for battle again. When a slip of the tongue has Orajin and not Orajien summoned to Ivriah’s room for sex, Orajin couldn’t be happier. Ivriah isn’t so pleased, he finds the demon incredibly sexy but he is mooch more snarky than the other demons that Ivriah is used to calling on for sex. Orajin won’t let Ivriah out of the contract until it is fulfilled and one night together changes both of their lives.

Once their relationship is discovered, hard decisions must be made and Ivriah must choose between a life he knows and a world he knows nothing about.

Both men are humanoid but Orajin is described differently than what I am used to reading about, with his bone spurs he has more of an alien feel. I never thought that bone could be sexy or an erogenous zone but Orajin proves e wrong. The men are hot as hell together and are perfect for one another. There is a violent scene with an attempted rape that some people may find disturbing but it was integral to the plot and I was able to read it easily.

I really enjoyed this story and think that if it had been longer that it would have been even better. I recommend this book to those who enjoy fantasy with different races, hot sex and a nice HEA.


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