Jack Greene – Indiscretion


Author: Jack Greene
Reviewed by: SheReadsAlot
Publisher: Phaze Books
Genre: M/M Romance
ISBN 13:

Rating: ★★★¾☆ 



Going through the motions in a loveless marriage, Chris is unaware of how much he is missing–until he meets Leif.

The gorgeous, tempestuous man turns Chris’s life upside down in every way.

Can Chris save himself from this dangerous affair, or will his life forever be changed by love? 


Well you can guess what “Indiscretion” deals with, yes? In case you couldn’t guess, it deals with cheating which is not a deal breaker for me when reading romance. So if it is an issue for you, I wouldn’t suggest this. (But you’re missing out on a pretty steamy read!)

Chris is 6’4″, blonde, blue-eyed, well off, his wife is his college sweetheart, he’s got a banging body and lives a huge house. He’s living the American dream…except his wife and him seem to live separate lives. Their marriage? Sexless. How does Chris deal? By working out. While on a business trip, he stares at a beautiful man and can’t help himself. But he’s never been attracted to a man before…or I should say has never acted on the deeply closeted feelings. The beautiful man is named Leif, he’s not in the closet but there’s something about Chris that calls to him. And the same for Chris. And that night the two start their whirlwind affair…and it was a sex filled, steam, angst-ish, possessive love affair.

So how did I find this story? It read like a tamer version of Scarlet Blackwell MM Romance. And if you read Blackwell, she’s known for the DRAMA. I have a love/hate relationship with throwing everything plus the kitchen sink when it comes to fiction but to each their own. Mr. Greene’s story however was smooth sailing on the drama side until about two-thirds in. It wasn’t over the top on the crazy scale(okay there is a exhibitionist scene in a sex club, but who wouldn’t like reading about that? Leif was a man after mine own heart.) There was a little cross dressing too for Halloween. The kink closet was touched but not fully explored.

I see Jack Greene has written mostly short stories…and it shows. The main characters were placed in plenty of different scenes that made the story on the whole read like an interconnected number of short stories. Most of the scenes worked for me like that exhibitionist scene or the plane bathroom scene. The story worked as a full length but there were a few moments where the story dragged (the hospital scenes or the beginning when Chris described his mundane life- I was bored for him, meh)

What didn’t work? While I loved Leif’s snarkiness and Chris’s coming out as bisexual, they had flaws (to me more in Leif but I ended loving him anyway) there weren’t a lot of difficulties thrown their way. Chris pretty much got the easier end of it – He does get a divorce and there was no battle or arguments. The barely mentioned wife quietly fades into the background. (Don’t worry not girly bits in here, it’s pure MM)

And Chris’s father? C’mon – could it happen? Yeah maybe in a perfect world but his ‘happy ending’/coming out of the closet was a bit much.

And I love reading sex in my romances and there’s a lot of it in this one but I wished there were more scenes with these two talking more to each other not about sex or their possessive streak. Their little spats, I totally bought. (That Leif is a prickly one) Their “love”…I guess so. Yeah, I can buy it when I think about it.

On a whole, this story was one of the better stories that featured cheating. How Chris and Leif started and carried on for their first eight months, I could totally see happening. Afterwards, there was some mush factor-marriage proposals and such.

And for my first Jack Greene, I can guarantee it will not be my last. I was entertained, I liked the ideas, I enjoyed the way the main subject was handled. I look forward to reading more from this author in the future.




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