Jaden Sinclair – Forever Love (Guardians, #3)

Author: Jaden Sinclair
Reviewer: Sean
Publisher: Secret Cravings Publishing
Genre: M/F Paranormal/Romance/Dark Urban Fantasy
ISBN 13: 9781618854063

Rating: ★★★★★ 


He’s a Guardian, she’s a Noble. Two worlds that never merge, and yet when Shadow answers the call to help bring back two Noble daughters their worlds do just that. Merge.

Falling for a Noble has never been a thought, and yet that is just what happens to Shadow. Alone for more years than he cares to remember he feels life flow into him once more when Janecka Ashford looks at him. He craves again, dreams of other things besides fighting. For the first time in many years he simply wants to be normal, and with her he can.

Love is forever in his eyes, and with Janecka she will always be his forever love.

Review:  The series just keeps getting better! I was so thrilled this book would be Shadow’s book. I was already curious about him from the second book and wanted to learn more about him. I knew he’d get his happy ending with someone he could make love with. The way he found his bloodmate was scary but sweet when the bond happened. Learning who Janecka was had made me love her and care for her deeply. She was a vulnerable new child that had been exposed to an entire new world she hadn’t experienced. The way the author described her rebel attitude was done fantastically and it felt real. Nothing about her felt forced. So, it was that obvious she would become one of my favorite characters in the Guardians series. She reminded me a lot of myself because that’s what I did. I went against what my family believed and explored new things as much as possible before settling down for something I was extremely comfortable with. Just like what Janecka did.

The relationship between Shadow and Janecka was awesome. It was really cool to see how much Janecka wanted to learn everything there was about making love. It was an instant love but it worked in this story. It didn’t pull me out of the book, even though I am not usually a big fan of instant-love Janecka’s sister Victoria was another likable character who was way more vulnerable and confused than Janecka. Victoria was the good girl in the family, the one father loved the most. She had been brainwashed to follow Noble’s customs. It was hard to stop acting on it. For example, she was used to eat sparsely, dress properly, and sit like the way Noble people were supposed to. She probably would be labeled as a dumb and blind person but in my definition, she wasn’t. She was confused. She was tricked. She was an innocent young girl who had so much potential in her.

As you can see how much I felt for these two ladies. That was only because the author described who they were really well. It was as if I knew them somewhere in the past. They’re really interesting characters to be included in this type of dark urban fantasy world. Anyway, the whole story concept was done really well. So many things going on but it didn’t overwhelm me. For that, I was relieved. I could see how much more there needed to be filled. I guessed right because the book ended with to be continue. I really can’t wait for the fourth book to come out.

Highly recommended because this is completely different type of how vampires should be described. The vampires had a heart beating. That’s one of many things I can think of as an example why they were different from common vampires. What’re you waiting for? Get the first book in the series and see if that was enough to make you read the rest of the series 😀


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  1. Wow! This sounds like a fantastic book. Great review. I liked the fact that you reported in depth, not with just two or three sentences. You really told me enough about the book without revealing too much to make me want to read it. Well done review and well done book, Jaden.

  2. I’m glad I didn’t spoil anything and still manage to make you want to read it. 😀 The series are really fantastic.

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