Jaden Sinclair – Forget Me Not (Guardians, #1)

Author: Jaden Sinclair
Reviewer: Sean
Publisher: Secret Cravings Publishing
Genre: M/F Paranormal & Dark Urban Fantasy
ISBN 13: 9781936653645
[mf rating=5/5]


A war is brewing, a war that could destroy the entire vampire race if left unchecked, and Julian Marino has been requested to participate in it.  He stops his search for a long time friend to go home and discovers there is more at stake than just his wants.

In order to help save his best friend’s child, Julian must help stop a mad man who is bent on destroying their world.  With a Guardian, a legendary protector of their people, is on his tail Julian discovers just how bad things have gotten and how even more dangerous it becomes when one takes the enemy’s daughter for a bloodmate.


I think that this is a best vampire book I’ve read to date. It wasn’t a typical vampire story either, being more of a dark read. I couldn’t stop reading once I started and finished it in one sitting, a couple of hours spent engrossed in the story with truly wonderful plot that kept me on the edge. I worried for the main character on every page. I couldn’t believe what happened at the ending and I can’t wait to read the next book. I seriously don’t understand why I hadn’t heard of it before, having been unfamiliar with the author until Hearts asked me to review it. It was truly a great love vampire story. A true horror read, too.

The main character, Julian was extremely hot in the book, or at least he was in my head. Even though it was a het romance, for me the sex scenes were still hot. The way his bloodmate got fucked for the first time was realistic. I remembered my first time and remember how painful it was, so I could be sympathetic for her first time. The author wrote it beautifully.

The action scenes were done well. I worried every time the fighting scenes were mentioned. I was just terrified for Julian’s safety. The way the author labeled each character’s roles was fascinating. On a bonus side, the author included a glossary at the beginning of the book describing each vampire level and role. I also love the author’s idea of bloodmate. The concept of the mark on their skin showing they were designated to be mated with a vampire since they have different type of blood was awesome.

World building also was done brilliantly. I didn’t feel lost with the images of how their world looked. In some way, it could be categorized as an urban fantasy since vampires lived among the humans. The bloodmates were humans at start and the family members will know what they mean. In my perspective, it means Urban Fantasy, definitely a dark urban fantasy. I am still thrilled to find another awesome vampire story. This is a book I have to recommend to all vampire fans, even to those who wanted to try vampire tale out. If I could give this more than five hearts, I would!


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