Jaden Sinclair – Requiem’s End (Guardians #4)


Author: Jaden Sinclair
Reviewer: Sean
Publisher: Secret Cravings Publishing
Genre: paranormal
ISBN 13: 9781618858610

Rating: ★★★★½ 

Summary:  Carissa is being taken care of Rage while her team of Guardians spend their time trying to find her. Things don’t go what Carissa expected. She ignores love at every cost in order to be able to focus on being a thing she is best at: a killer. Being in Rage’s care changes her perspective and it is up to her to decides whether if it is okay to accept love or to ignore it like she always has. More secrets are reveal makes it difficult on Carissa and her team. Plenty of obstacles face her in every possible way and it is up to her to choose her actions toward the obstacles to get her happy ending.

Review: I actually had a love and hate relationship with this one. The author took a risk to get rid of a character that I had grown fond of. When that character died, I was disappointed and felt it was too early. In spite of that, it was a great read just as the first three books had been. I found the fighting scene seemed to be too easy and it was over just like that. I guess I expected more challenge in the fight scenes, especially for the one that died.  I didn’t see that coming. The secret research has bugged me since I started reading the series and finally the author presented an answer to the mystery research in this book  and I loved that.  It was great idea to show what a grieving scientist would have done and it all made sense.

Rage had to be one of my most favorite characters of all. He was tough but would go soft for a certain person or reason. He was unpredictable, which was one of best ways to make him interesting. The way the author ended the book left me completely satisfied. Although the author may have hinted a possible fifth book, I seriously didn’t think the series really needed it. The ending showed a good happy for now and that was enough.

Only one little thing that I wanted to know so badly was the new surprise mentioned in the book and I can’t share what it was because it would spoiler. I am positive that if there is a fifth book, it would be about this. If that is the case, I would definitely pick up the book in a heartbeat. I’ve always enjoyed author’s writing style and the author has written plenty of fantastic stories but for me the Guardians series is the best.

It lost a half star because I didn’t want a specific character to die that soon. It pained me to continue reading even though another character got a happy ending.  I highly recommend you to check Guardians series out. It is an original take on a vampire story in my opinion.


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