Jaden Sinclair – S.E.T.H.

Jaden Sinclair – SETH

Author: Jaden Sinclair
Reviewer: Sean
Publisher: Melange Books
Genre: Sci-Fi Erotica
ISBN 13: 9781612350356

Rating: ★★★½☆ 

Summary:  Designed to be a weapon, trained and programmed to follow instructions without question, SETH was not meant to develop willpower, emotions, and desire. Falling in love with a human is unacceptable, and faced with the threat of termination, he is forced to choose—kill or follow his heart.

Review:  As always, Jaden Sinclair doesn’t disappoint me with her books. I’ve enjoyed her other books and this one is a good read. I really like how the author created a cyborg as one of the main character in the book. I could see how much the author’s writing had improved from this one to her most recently sci-fi erotica book called Taillefers.

Every book I’ve read by this author has contained her talent of originality in her stories. I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed before reading S.E.T.H. The way Seth felt for Alyna was really interesting. Who knew a computer could have a feeling for a human?  The author managed to describe how Seth was experiencing the unfamiliar emotions exceptionally well. I could imagine it in my head if it was happening to me. When I’m facing with a complete new emotion, I’d probably react the same way Seth reacted. I admitted the way Seth forced Alyna in the beginning had me disliking Seth but as I continued throughout the story, it all made sense. I ended up adoring Seth as much as I adored Alyna. Alyna was a tough lady but vulnerable at the same time.

In some way the book reminded me of a movie called Terminator, but trust me on this one…it is no way the same as Terminator since Terminator was brought into present from the future to prevent from worst scenario happening. Also, it reminded me one of old movie I can’t remember the name of it about two teenagers created a hot sexiest woman from computer and she came alive by becoming a human but still connected to computer somehow. So, it was a mix of Terminator and that movie. That’s one of reason why I really enjoyed reading S.E.T.H.

I had been prepared to read some sex scenes in the book since it is erotica but I really preferred the book to be focused on the action part with the other jerk scientists.  The sex didn’t feel rushed so that was a bonus. The ending of the book made me want to read the sequel ASAP. I think I’m going to love Shiloh. Highly recommend for sci-fi erotica fans!


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