Jaden Sinclair – SHILO

Jaden Sinclair - SHILO

Author: Jaden Sinclair
Reviewer: Sean
Publisher: Melange Books
Genre: Sci-Fi Erotic
ISBN 13: 2940011321061

Rating: ★★★½☆ 

Summary:  He was nothing more than a backup for the company; only the company underestimated their program. Shilo is free to make his own choices but has one glitch in his programming: very few emotions. He’s ruthless, cunning, strong, and doesn’t give a damn who he has to go through in order to get what he wants, and what he wants is Star Murray.

Review:  I think I liked this one better than the first one. But the only downside about it, it was too short for my liking, I wanted more! I liked how straightforward Shilo acted when he became human. There were several things that made me went a bit WTF. If this is a “person” with no emotions installed in its mind shouldn’t react when receiving a physical pain. It didn’t know what kind of emotion it was supposed to show when it got hurt. I hope I made sense with that! Also, there was another android who had no emotion or mind of its own in the book—he still reacted as if he had emotion. So, there were very minor things that bothered me a bit, but they were just that – minor.

Overall, I thought the story was exciting and hot. I just wished it was a bit longer and the action part would have been expanded a bit longer too. It felt like everything was solved way too easy. Sure, they did got several close calls but when they got in the science building…it was solved just like that. So, I found it a bit odd. It wasn’t my favorite work by this  author, I know. I’ve read her other books and loved them to death. ;D   But it’s good, nonetheless

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