Jaden Sinclair – Taillefers

Jaden Sinclair – Taillefers

Author: Jaden Sinclair
Reviewer: Sean
Publisher: Secret Cravings Publishing
Genre: Sci-fi Erotica
ISBN 13: 9781618852960

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Summary:  Keegan Squir is a Taillefers runt. He hasn’t went through his change and with the threat of war all over the galaxy his transition is something he can’t wait to go through. He wants to have the strength to fight, to defend his home and the people he love.

Zhora Draven visits the planet Drudent to spend time with her best friend. Her father is a General in the galactic army and always gone, leaving Zhora alone most of the time. When she goes to her best friend’s wedding she doesn’t even think that she’ll find the man of her dreams. A Taillefers.

An attraction that comes out of nowhere, knocking them both off of their feet. However, just when they are getting to know each other the war lands on their doorsteps, forcing not only the change in Keegan, but threatening their newfound peace together.

Review:  Another fantastic book written by Jaden Sinclair! I’m waiting patiently for her fourth book in Guardians to be released. Reading Taillefers helped my impatience with the waiting because the book was a great sci-fi with plenty of originality to the plot. The sex scenes were surprisingly hot. I think my most favorite sex scenes was the web part and you would need to read and found out what the hell was I talking about. ;D

The species on other planet was one of the coolest I had read in like forever. How they would change was similar to butterfly, which made it even better. I really adored every character in the book. Even if they were the bad guy, I still enjoyed learning who the characters were. It was a mixture of horror and romance in my opinion. The near-death scenes got to me and I worried for them. Keegan had to be my most favorite character. The way he dealt with his life being a runt was such a struggle, like being the only black duck in a large group of yellow ducks. I could imagine how left out he would feel.

Zhora was also an interesting character. She was so vulnerable throughout the whole book. Her blushing moment whenever she talked with her best friend about sex always made me chuckle. I would love to read a backstory between Morie and Deshes. I have a feeling their story would be as awesome as this book. Taillefers’s relationship was all about Zhora and Keegan among with the obstacles they were going to face. I know I gave it four hearts instead of five, though I loved it  I just feel like something was missing and I couldn’t pinpoint it. Maybe I wasn’t getting enough backstory on Morie and Deshes? I don’t know, but nevertheless, the book was awesome and a quick read.

Highly recommended to sci-fi fans that enjoy good sex scenes balanced out with really well written plots. The sex didn’t take over the book either. I really loved it.

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