JC Holly – Unattainable


Author: JC Holly
Reviewed by: Lucy
Publisher: Siren Publishing
Genre: M/M Paranormal
ISBN 13:

Rating: ★★★½☆ 


Summary:  Some guys are just too damn cute. As far as Micky Silvers is concerned, Hudson Stark, bartender of the hottest gay bar in Shade County, is one of those people. Unfortunately the man turns down every single offer, so when Micky’s friends cajole him into asking the guy out, he’s not exactly hopeful.

Hudson is a shapeshifter, and he’s had enough heartbreak over the centuries to swear him off dating entirely. The fates have other ideas, though, and push him and Micky together. Taking it as a good omen, Hudson throws caution to the wind and is rewarded with a torrid affair.

But the wind soon changes, and their luck runs out, as an accident threatens to break them apart and reveal Hudson’s true nature.

Will they emerge with their relationship intact, or will it all be too much for them to bear? 

Review: I have to admit, when the story started and the very cute Mickey is dared to go hit on the gorgeous but distant bartender, Hudson, followed by a wager being placed on it, that I thought there was going to be a “you just used me to win a bet” scenario going.  I was pleasantly pleased to find this was not the case.  

I liked Mickey’s personality very much.  He wants to go after the elusive Hudson, a man who should be “adored, maybe even worshipped” (and then realizes that vodka is probably contributing to the adore and worship part).  Hudson, for his part, is friendly and a definitely no go.  Mickey may be a cute, twinky computer expert but he’s not getting into Hudson’s pants.  More’s the pity.   

It is a coincidence that Mickey leaves Hudson his card as Hudson’s computer takes a turn for the worse.  Mickey is nervous, excited and sort of disappointed that it’s just a work call.  Of course, it starts to develop into something a little more lusty than that.  Hudson, however, has that great big secret going on and now what does he do?  He’s tried in the way past to let lovers know what he is and it didn’t go very well.  

There is also Hudson’s friend Bill adding to the mix, one who really wants Mickey’s adorable best friend, Laura.  That was a cute side story because I liked Laura a lot.   There is the bitchy female in terms of Clara, who works with Hudson and really is just a total bitch.  She is friends with Mickey’s friend, Rhys, but hates Hudson.  As we progress, however, a reason of sorts comes through.  She’s a bitch but has her own reasons. 

The story deals with mostly Hudson and Mickey coming to terms with a relationship that has a paranormal aspect to it but then throw in an accident that leaves Mickey paralyzed and then decisions have to be made.  I think I would have liked it better without that part, though Mickey doesn’t jump (so to speak) into anything rashly.  He thinks things over. 

This is a nice beginning to a new series and I am curious to see where Clara is going to figure in the whole thing.




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