Jenna Jones – Little Red Hood

little red hood

Author: Jenna Jones
Reviewed by: Don
Publisher: Torquere Press
Genre: M/M Fairy Tale
ISBN 13:    9876543210625

Rating: ★★☆☆☆ 



Summary:  Rory Goodwin is fascinated by his mysterious neighbor in 4C. A chance meeting gives Rory an opportunity to get to know Alec Conroy and his world, but it takes a stranger for Rory to learn the full truth about Alec. Can Rory protect Alec from the forces pursuing him? Will he, despite his fears? 


Review: Rumors about the secretive tenant in apartment 4C are running wild. Rory meets the affable man, Alec, and it’s insta-love. Alec claims to be a book and movie translator but he never seems to sleep at night. While swapping stories, Rory tells of a time when he was eleven and got lost in the woods while camping with his parents. Lost and alone, Rory is protected by a huge black wolf. Rory is out one night and thinks that he’s being mugged but the supposed mugger is using Rory as bait to kill a werewolf.
Things just moved way too fast for me in this story. The new twist on the Red Riding Hood fairy tale was a good thought. There was no depth to either Rory or Alec and while the HEA was sweet everything was answered too easily for me. Not a bad read  if you like the fairy tale stories but don’t look for a lot of story. Ms Jones has written so many better books.




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