Jess Buffett – Jordan’s Purrfect Mate (Hunter Clan #5)


Author: Jess Buffett
Reviewed by: Lucy
Publisher: Siren Publishing
Genre: M/M Paranormal
ISBN 13:

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Summary:  Colton Rivers was born in captivity. Living within the walls of Potestas, he has lived with a terrible guilt for years, and after what is left of his family turns against him, he turns to the only safe harbour he knows—technology.

Jordan Foster has watched the people he cares most about find their mates, wondering when it would be his chance. So imagine his shock when he discovers his mate is none other than the arrogant little smartarse who has been causing him a world of trouble in their online war against Potestas.

Now, two opposing sides with the same goal—to take down Potestas once and for all—must come together, not just for their sake, but for the paranormal community. Can Jordan see past the attitude and snark, to the vulnerable mate beneath? And can Colton trust that Jordan won’t abandon him like everyone else has?

Review: As always with the Hunter Clan series, I appreciate the fact that the Potestas is explained at the beginning of the story.  In this entry, It is Jordan and Colton, both computer experts, who are the couple in question.  The problem is Colton is constantly a “pierced, snarky, skinny” pain the arse who can’t help annoying Jordan.  For his part, Jordan is always either irritated with Colton or thinking of how irritated he was. It doesn’t make for an easy pairing.

I would like to have gotten more background on Colton’s past, both with his brothers and his rescue.  The whole problem with Colton and Jordan involved communication and it seemed just like what the two of them would go through.

Thrown against the troublesome duo is the ongoing battle with Potestas, with Jonas’ brother, Darius, leading them.  There are some new terrible angles that do not bode well for the Clan and things are rapidly coming to an all-out war.  There are some new characters introduced here, including the amazing and please-give-him-a-story, Torio.  Just awesome.

Derrick plays a part here and he’s another one who’s story I am greatly looking forward to.  The story is left fairly open-ended, as the battle with Potestas continues.  This is a series best read in order to appreciate and understand all the underlying characters.  A very nice addition to the Hunter Clan!




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