Jessica Freely – Alex In Wonderland


Author: Jessica Freely
Reviewed by: Lucy
Publisher: Etopia
Genre: M/M Contemporary
ISBN 13:   9781939194923

Rating: ★★★½☆ 


Summary:  Fresh out of a sexless relationship with a manipulative, two-timing boyfriend, Alex enters the notorious sex club, Wonderland, looking for action. But between the dungeon of dubious Doms, the malfunctioning steam room, and the “alien” go-go boy with glow-in-the-dark everything, it’s beginning to look like Alex will never get laid again. Then a mysterious masked man gives Alex the dance of his life—and more—only to disappear without a trace.

Try as he might, Alex can’t find the man who swept him off his feet. But when the night is through, and the masks are cast aside, Alex makes a startling discovery. What he’s been looking for all night, and maybe all his life, might be the biggest and best surprise of the night. 


Review: First of all, I questioned Alex’s sanity – no sex for three years and a boyfriend who can’t be happy with you no matter what?   Come on, Alex, you are better than that!  Just having thrown out the slutty user Brian, Alex is on the lookout for something to make him feel better, he is a “silent, surly visitor from Planet Betrayal”.  Poor Alex. It is at this moment he spies Wonderland, a sex club he had heard of.  Well, why not? 

It is a comedy of errors and interruptions as Alex tries to make his way through the club.  The lovely Alex is a big, tall, strong man who wants to bottom.  He meets the twink Ryan, who shows him around for a while because “you scream noob”.  From an amazing dance with Zorro things go downhill.  Alien boy with deely bobbers on his head and a glow in the dark condom on his giant dick; an almost threesome interrupted by the sprinkler system; glory holes where the guy is too quick and then no one shows up; a Dom wanna-be who can’t handle his cuffs.  Some of it just made me laugh.  I wasn’t expecting Alex to be so into the sub scene, so that was a surprise. 

The story is funny with a lot of sex (or almost sex or potential sex anyway!).  I wish I could have seen Brian get his because that guy defines scumbag! Ryan and Sam are both great characters, as is the Captain. I loved the epilogue, as well.


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