JM Snyder – Quintessential


Author: JM Snyder
Reviewed by: Lucy
Publisher: JMS Books LLC
Genre: M/M Contemporary
ISBN 13:   9781611524536

Rating: ★★★☆☆ 


Summary:  Jerry Bennett doesn’t consider himself an “old fogey.” At 43, he’s still a swinging bachelor, spending his weekends with whoever catches his fancy, male or female. He’s still sexy and he knows it.

But when his company switches from Windows-based computers to MacBooks, Jerry feels outdated. Refusing to conform, he continues to use his laptop, until a porn video he viewed on it infects the PC with a virus, and he has to call the IT department for help.

The guy who comes to his rescue is a young hipster named Quin who threatens to turn Jerry in for the porn video … unless they can come to some sort of mutual arrangement that will benefit them both.

But their evening together ignites more than mere lust in Jerry. Is he just another conquest for the mysterious Quin? Or is there something Jerry’s young coworker isn’t telling him? 

Review:  I liked the short story particularly because I tried to do the switch from PC to Mac and nearly had a meltdown.  I could see Jerry’s fear of it.  He sees himself not as stuck in his ways but as someone sticking to what works.  If that includes an outdated laptop (the porn virus infection is genius), well that’s just part of his charm.  He is sort of ticked that his company always looks for the “latest and greatest electronics” because he feels like there are too many problems each time. 

When he is virused on his dinosaur laptop, directly happening from watching porn, it is embarrassing.  Even more embarrassing when it is Quin who comes to his rescue, even when he is the cause of the problem.  They find a way to tackle the problem, one that is a little awkward at times (despite Jerry’s assertion that he is just fine as is, he feels old and stupid sometimes).  They are a cute pair and hopefully go somewhere.  This ends with a HFN.








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