John Inman – Paulie


Author: John Inman
Reviewed by: Aggie
Publisher: DreamSpinner Press
Genre: M/M Contemporary
ISBN 13:  9781627984812

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Summary:  To the casual observer, Paulie Banks lives the perfect life. After all, he’s young, handsome, and rich. But Paulie has a secret. He’s madly in love with Ben, his old college roommate — and Ben is straight! Now Paulie has arranged a two-week reunion with his three closest friends to rehash their college years and get to know each other again. Jamie and Trevor are coming, along with their new lovers. And to Paulie’s amazement, even Ben has accepted his invitation.

Beautiful Ben. The one non-gay apple in the old college barrel. Paulie will soon find out if Ben has forgiven him for overstepping the bounds of friendship on the last drunken night they spent together.

With his La Jolla mansion spotless, a stunning new houseboy hired for the duration, and his heart pounding in both fear and anticipation, Paulie welcomes his old friends back into his life. Thanks to a whole lot of liquor and a clothing optional dress code, boy, do the festivities begin!(

Review:       John Inman proves yet again that he is one of the wackiest and sarcastic writers of gay themed fiction on the planet with his recent book, ” Paulie “.  I don’t know how John comes up with all of his ideas. His output of fiction is simply ridiculous.  It seems that he churns out a book every month or so. I can barely keep up. Oy.

As for  ” Paulie “, the story centers on millionaire gay brat Paulie (hence the book’s title), whose granny died and left him everything,  setting him up for a comfortable life. Paulie relishes being wealthy, but to keep from being too bored he makes his living as a writer and he plays with his mutt, Hammer.

It is summer and Paulie is looking forward to having his old college roommates come to his La Jolla mansion for a two week visit of food, drink, and fucking al fresco.  He is also anxious and practically pee-ing his boxers in fear because the one man he has been pining and whining about for two years, Ben, another roommate, and the only hetero one among them, is also joining in the fun. Paulie has a reason to be worried. The last time he saw smexy BenBen, was a couple of years previously, when they were sharing a drunken  “moment ” together and Ben disappearing thereafter.  Ashamed that a line had been crossed, panicky and pathetic Paul doesn’t know how he and Ben will respond to each other once Ben comes a-calling.

Never fear, dear readers. This is an Inman comedy. Everything turns out all right in the end. Paulie, is a typical neurotic mess, surrounded by four , drunken, sexed up idiots and a well-hung houseboy, all who, I may add, seem to spend all their time just screwing each others eyeballs out and drinking themselves into oblivion. These nitwits: Jamie, Trevor, Sweet Danny (who should have had a bigger part) flamboyant slutface Jack (who was irritating in a way), and Big Dicked Jeffrey the houseboy, all provide much of the comedy of ” Paulie “. The tender scenes between Ben and Paulie were beautiful and the ending was fitting.

Any fan of John Inman’s will enjoy this.

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