Jon Michaelsen –False Evidence (Murder Most Deadly #1)

Author: Jon Michaelsen
Reviewer: Sean
Publisher: LoveYouDivine Alterotica
Genre: Gay Mystery Erotica
ISBN 13: 50521173

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Summary: What begins as a cursory glance at the high-rise apartment opposite soon becomes something much darker and far more dangerous.   For bored accountant, Kevin Mitchell, lusting after gorgeous, muscular, Tony, in the adjacent building, builds into a life changing obsession.  When Tony shows up at Kevin’s apartment, bloody and bruised, Kevin offers him instant refuge…and a place in his bed. However, all is not what it seems and the police draw a different conclusion in their hunt for a violent killer.  Will Kevin’s plea of false evidence save him from the horror of a life behind bars?

Review:  Kevin sees a gorgeous stranger across the street. He’d been spying on the stranger with a camera and binocular equipment.  When he finally finds courage to meet the stranger,  who introduces himself as Tony, it’s Kevin’s fantasy moment.  Domestic violence occurs between Tony and his ‘complicated’ partner and he seeks solace from Kevin.  After a tragedy, things become even more complicated for Kevin.

This is the kind of book that is difficult for me to review, since I had issues with how the author ended the story. If the story had been longer, with same ending, I probably wouldn’t be complaining, but as the story is a novella it didn’t work as well for me.  Nevertheless I really enjoyed it as a whole.  The mystery was a great concept. The sex scenes were hot. My other complaint is one of simple personal preference: the word choice to call Tony when Kevin and Tony were having sex. Calling someone a lover when you’ve only met this sex partner twice doesn’t seem right, but again, that is purely my opinion.  I enjoyed the character development and I found the mystery intriguing.

I hope I won’t have to wait long to get my hands on the second book to the series. It’s a great opening to start the series, and I hope it continues strong (and the books are longer!)  Recommended to readers who enjoy a good mystery with hot sex scenes.

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