Josephine Myles – Pole Star

Author: Josephine Myles
Reviewed by: Lucy
Publisher: Josephine Myles
Genre: M/M Contemporary

Rating: ★★★★★ 

This was not at all what I expected.  A pole dancing stripper who hurts his foot and ends up in the emergency room in his firefighter costume and sequined thong?  That practically screams PWP.  What we get instead is SO cute and very funny.

Matt is the pole dancer, who meets the radiographer assistant, Sal, while Sal is wearing froggy scrubs.  At the time, Matt is waiting for an x-ray and is considering what kind of undies Sal is wearing.  “Probably something comfortable – unlike the sequined flame-patterned thong that was currently trying to cheesewire my buttocks.”  So made me laugh.   So begins the way too short story of Matt meeting Sal.  Matt is pretending to really be a firefighter, and tries to figure out how to mention he is in fact a stripper.   The sequined thong plays a part, too, chafing Matt and giving frustration as they are in bed and “Sal made love to my bikini line”.  I loved the writing, witty and humorous.

I so wish this story had been longer, because I wanted to keep reading about Matt and Sal, and definitely more of Ms. Myles writing style.  I will be looking for others by her.  If they are even close, I will be a very happy reader.


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