Josh Lanyon – In Sunshine Or In Shadow

in sunshine

Author: Josh Lanyon
Reviewed by: Lucy
Publisher: Just Joshin
Genre: M/M Contemporary
ISBN 13:   9780984766949

Rating: ★★★★☆ 


Summary:  Keir and Rick are cops. Partners, best friends, and — for a brief time — lovers. But Rick thinks its too risky allowing yourself to fall in love with your partner, and Keir has had to accept that. Accept it and move on. In fact, he’s traveling all the way to Ireland on his first solo vacation in years. Rick may just find out that green is the loneliest number.

Review: There are different ways to lose people and sometimes your fear is exactly what causes the loss. I’m glad this was seen.  I haven’t read many Josh Lanyon books but I may have to rectify that after reading this.  Rick and Keir are partners and best friends and they should be more.  But after a very sildenafil short time of being lovers, Rick breaks it off.   Keir’s in love with Rick and isn’t sure how he can handle this.   

When Keir not only plans a vacation without Rick but then drops the bomb that he is resigning, Rick is flabbergasted, even though he shouldn’t be.  He is so wrapped in his protective shell that he can’t see what’s going on. As Keir says, if this is a surprise, you haven’t been listening for the past three years.  

Rick desperately tries to adjust to the idea that Keir will be gone. He doesn’t realize the part he’s played in it.  He’s not sure how to fix it.  This is a story of realizing what your fear will make you lose.  Loved it. 






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