Julia Talbot – The High Class Highwayman

high class

Author: Julia Talbot
Reviewed By: Kevin
Publisher: Torquere Press
Genre:M/M Historical
ISBN 13:9781603709590

Rating: ★★★½☆ 

Summary: When Julian is forced to turn to crime after he loses his inheritance, he decides that he can do better than the incompetent highwayman who tries to waylay him one dark night. That’s how the High-Class Highwayman comes into his own, and he does very well for himself, at least until Griffen  Michalis comes along. Griffen is far better versed in the criminal underworld than Julian, and he has no interest in the legitimate, and rather modest, fortune that is rightfully Julian’s. Being a Lord would cause him too much trouble. Griffen has far more planned for Julian than one night of excitement on the high road and Julian finds that being with Griffen is not just about mind-blowing sexual games, but danger as well.

Review: I can’t believe how much I loved this story. The characters were well developed, there is a great storyline and a happy for now ending.

Julian life is about to change when his inheritance is given to his bastard brother and he is left only the paltry estate given to him by his mother. What is a man left to do but to turn to a life of crime by stealing from the rich to help him survive?

Grifffen Michalis’ mother has pulled off the best caper of her career by making her lover believe her son is his bastard and deserve his fortune more than his legitimate son does. But Griffen will have none the responsibility that comes with this life of being a Lord, so he sets about right a wrong. Little does he know he will meet the Highway man of his dreams and the lover that will same him from a life of imprisonment.

But what would this story be without a dastardly villain, amazing sex and much hoped for sequel to this story. Well done, Ms Talbot, for your great writing.


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