K.C. Grim – A Roommate Wanted


Author: K.C. Grim
Reviewed by: Diane
Publisher: JMS Books LLC
Genre: M/M Contemporary
ISBN 13: N/A

Rating: ★★★½☆ 



Jordan stared at the classifieds. He hated trying to come up with a witty ad for a roommate, almost as much as he hated the thought of having a stranger move in with him. With the down-turn in the economy, everyone was doing things they didn’t want to do. People everywhere were cutting back, trying to make the most of a bad situation. Mr. Demchez had already cut his hours a second time, some of the other guys at the shop had gotten laid-off without any warning at all. They received a pink slip in their paycheck, where next week’s schedule would normally have been.

Jordan was one of the lucky ones. He still had hours to work, but not many. Searching the classifieds for a second job to help supplement his dwindling income gave him the idea. If he rented out the second bedroom, then he’d have enough money to squeak by; at least for a little while longer……


When Jordan’s hours are cut at his job, in order to keep his apartment, he advertises for a roommate, struggling with the wording, until the ad falls into place: Incredibly Neat & Clean, Unfurnished Bedroom Unit Suite — Roommate Wanted.  Then he goes through chatting with and narrowing down the list of potentials, booking appointments with the few he is willing to consider.  However, he cancels the appointments after the first one shows up – Sebastian.

The story is told from Jordan’s point of view. 

This is a short story, so a whole lot of story is told in a short period of time and pages!

I liked how this story was set up, that Jordan was attracted to his roommate, but you knew there were secrets behind the sinfully gorgeous façade that is Sebastian, but would Jordan find out what those were and would he care? 

Jordan has not come out at work, so when he starts having dreams that are incredibly vivid, but seem to be interfering with actual rest, his coworkers and boss think it’s a woman who is causing him lack of sleep.  He can’t really talk to anyone, especially about the wounds that have started showing up on his body, why his body feels like he has been having a lot of sex, but he believed he was only having dreams! 

I cannot really share much more without giving the story away, clues are within Jordan’s ad, which made me wonder if he’d received some “otherworldly” assistance with that?  Because it is a short, that cannot be explored, but the set up was great, the mystery that is Sebastian and the confusion Jordan feels. 

The only thing that did not work well for me, when Jordan discovered Sebastian’s secret and what outcome this meant for him, that he simply accepted it.  That was a bit sad for me, but again, it’s a short story so it does mean a quick outcome! 

I would recommend this for the supernatural fans of MM fiction, there are quite a few sex scenes in the dream sequences, so it is pretty hot as well, but it’s a great concept for a quick read!



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