Kade Boehme – Gangster Country


Author: Kade Boehme
Reviewed by: JustJen
Publisher: Self Published
Genre: M/M Contemporary
ISBN 13: 978-1494225094

Rating: ★★★★☆ 


Logan Marshall moves to New York to be a social worker where he feels he’s needed most. Logan’s always had it good. His Daddy is a preacher, sure, but he preaches a laid back, tolerant congregation who accepted Logan’s sexuality gracefully. He’s from a ranch in nowhere, Texas, which makes him a hot ticket in the clubs with his tight, work strengthened body and his cute accent. He’s out of his element in New York, not looking for Mr. Right Now but Mr. Right.

Gianni Rodriguez grew up in Brooklyn. Nothing could be further from the way he was raised than innocent, good hearted Logan was. Gianni is fascinated that people like Logan even exist. And parents that not only are God-fearing, but also accepting?

As second in command of Los Cuervos, his brother’s not-so-merry band of drug runners and pimps, Gianni’s life would be in serious jeopardy if anyone ever knew the truth. That’s why his growing attachment for Logan is a bad thing.

When Logan’s work collides violently with Gianni’s life, Gianni has to decide if the man is worth risking everything, even his family– the man that may not even want him once he realizes what a monster the man he’s been sleeping with really is. Could Logan be Gianni’s reason to go straight? Or will they both go straight to an unmarked grave?

Review:  This solid story grabs your attention early on, keeps you on edge and guessing until the end.

Logan is such a sweetheart and all-around good guy.  He moved away from home in Texas to NYC to make a difference with his career in social work.  He meets Gianni, by chance through mutual friends, and they hit it off.  Even though Logan can tell Gianni is bad news in some way, and Gianni knows he should keep things short with Logan, neither are willing to make that happen.  Logan continues to turn a blind eye to the possibilities surrounding Gianni, and likewise, Gianni keeps allowing them to get more involved.

They are total opposites, but just seem right together.  You don’t want to like Gianni, knowing all that he is holding back and keeping from Logan, but it doesn’t take long before you want to forgive him right alongside Logan.  Things seem to be going so well for them, until Gianni decides he needs to step back for both of their sakes.  Unfortunately, things are taken out of their hands when Logan’s job collides with Gianni’s other life in a very drastic way, and Logan is forced to see the other Gianni.

Gianni must then make some tough decisions that go against everything he has believed up to this point in his life.  Loyalty and duty family and the gang come to heads with his doing what is right and his feelings for Logan.  Throughout this story, I was grumbling and urging Gianni to do certain things or make certain choices, but by the end, I was cheering him on.

I really enjoyed this and loved the way it was written.  However, there were certain areas throughout that I really wished were more detailed.  At various times, it felt as though things were almost skimmed over, and I would have liked to have seen a little more depth here and there.  My only other issue was the frequent editing mistakes.  More than once, there were names switched or incorrect words used which took me out of the story.

However, setting those issues aside, this was a really good book that gives you emotion and romance with some hot sex, the dark edge of the gang issues, mystery and some sweet reuniting and recovery.  I definitely recommend checking this author’s work, as he has quickly made his way to my must-read-soon list.


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