Kathryn Scannell – Heaven’s Heretics (2012 Torquere Charity Sip Collection}

Author: Kathryn Scannell
Reviewed by: Maya
Publisher: Torquere Press
Genre: M/M Contemporary

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Summary: Ian thought he was going to spend summer keeping a rich, bored patron happy, but Frank was more interested in using him for Satanic rituals than in partying and sex. He fled, but Frank isn’t willing to let him go. Will the bikers who’ve picked him up help him, or be a different kind of danger? Dee, their magus, has to rescue Ian from Frank’s magic, while resisting the temptation to get involved with a much younger man who can’t possibly want him except maybe out of duty or gratitude.

Review: This was an interesting little story about a rent boy who has been hired for the summer by a hot, wealthy man. He finally has enough of the weirdness when, after having sex with Frank in the middle of some strange party, Frank lets the rest of his friends take turns with him. He figures that he is drugged because he couldn’t move or fight back when this was happening but it turns out that he was actually the party favor in a Satanic sex-magic ritual. He somehow manages to escape Frank runs naked and bleeding into the woods.

Dee, the magus of a gang of biker’s known as Heaven’s Heretics, awakes with a start in the middle of the night with the urgent need to find…something. This is normal occurrence for him when there is magical danger that only his specialized group can help with. He wakes the other four men and they drive to where Dee’s senses take them. It is on a rarely used path in the woods that they find an unconscious Ian and take him to safety. Frank and his coven won’t let go of him that easily though and it falls to Dee to break the evil bonds that Frank has on Ian.

This was an entertaining short story that has the bare bones of being a great book if it were longer. Dee and Ian are both interesting characters and the attraction that they feel towards each other is hot. I would have loved to have been given more information about the men that make up Heaven’s Heretics as a whole and individually. The story ends on a HFN with the hint of more.


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