Kim Flowers – Amelia’s Revolution


Author: Kim Flowers
Reviewed by: Lucy
Publisher: QueerTeen Press
Genre: F/F Steampunk
ISBN 13:

Rating: ★★★★☆ 


Summary:  Amelia and her father, the governor of Delaware, attend a formal dinner to meet with a delegate for Queen Victoria who declares the United States must sign a treaty with Britain to reinstate colonial rule or there will be war. Amelia runs away to warn the rest of the town, but not before she sees the most beautiful girl on earth. To Amelia’s horror, the beautiful girl — Nadine — is one of the British delegate’s slaves.

In this steampunk version of history, slavery had been abolished after the American Revolution. Automatons do the manual labor, and the nation’s multiple cultures live in harmony. But in Britain there are still slaves, and gender-queer people are persecuted. Amelia knows she can’t allow any treaty with Britain to be signed. She sneaks to the harbor of their coastal capital city and discovers not only the delegate’s ship, but an armada on the horizon.

Amelia, her best friend Two-Spirit, and Nadine must organize a rebellion involving slaves, Lenni-Lenape warriors, automatons, and a mechanical horse cavalry. Will they be able to stop the British Imperial Navy? And will Amelia win Nadine’s heart if she can help her become free? 

Review: This would be an amazing longer book!  I haven’t read much steampunk to this point, so some of it was new to me (robots or automatons that do all the dirty work combined with slavery still being practiced in Britain).  The United States is a free place where people are allowed to live as they please and this is perfect for Amelia.  

It is a very short time from introductions of the characters to the point where the revolution is upon them (and that goes quickly as well), because the story is very short. I want to see what happens to Amelia and her princess.  And a story of Two-Spirit and Strong Arrow would also be appreciated.   




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  1. Thanks Lucy! The common thread in steampunk is that the setting is during the Victorian era. Automotans are frequent parts of the stories, but the part about slaves being free in America and still enslaved in Britain was my own spin, since writing alternative histories is also common. I’m really glad you liked it!

    And yes, I am working on a sequel featuring Two-Spirit and Strong Arrow.

  2. Ahhh, now I have it! I will have to try more, I loved the theme! Not sure what I thought steampunk was…

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