Kol Anderson – Heart


Author: Kol Anderson
Reviewed by: JustJen
Publisher: Self Publish
Genre: M/M BDSM
ISBN 13: 9781494444419

Rating: ★★★★½ 



What if the person whose memory you held on to isn’t the person you thought he was?

Lucas Mayer is a hit-man, running from his past, and the one person he can think of having a future with is Roman Woodrow, a guy who’s always had trouble keeping steady relationships. Among the many addictions of Roman, is the devious and manipulative Daniel Jones. But Lucas can’t give up Daniel’s secret without giving up his own

Review:  Kol Anderson really knows how to spin a tale.  Nothing in this one is what it seems, and you’re left asking questions and trying to guess at every turn.  I wasn’t really sure where this was going when I started and actually had to go back and read the blurb a few times.

When we meet Roman, he is sharing a vacation hookup tryst with Lucas in Vienna.  He comes across as the spoiled rich guy who just wants to have a good time.  He makes it clear that he isn’t a relationship guy and that he just wants to live in the moment, so to speak.  They spend a fabulous week together, right until the end when Roman leaves without a word.

Three years later, they meet up again, and even though Roman’s relationship stance hasn’t changed, Lucas doesn’t give up.  In the meantime, Roman seems to be all kinds of screwed up as we learn more about him.  He harbors a seeming dislike of his father and career, spends time doing drugs and hooking up with random guys.  This is all fine and well until the tables are turned on him and he meets Daniel.

Roman seems to be missing something big in his life.  He has feelings for Lucas, but it goes against his rules and doesn’t seem to give him the thrill that he finds with Daniel, even after Daniel did some pretty questionable stuff to him.  He just can’t seem to stay away from him, and their “relationship” ventures down a darker path into BDSM.

At this point, I still wasn’t quite sure where this was going and when  everyone’s secrets would be revealed, though it didn’t stop me from guessing.  Add in the appearance of Jeremy earlier in the story, and I was completely thrown off.  Needless to say, all things are revealed in time and everything begins to make sense.  A lot happens in the second half of this story.  Things seemed a little bit rushed at the end once Roman’s secret is out, and I was still left with a question or two.

If you like a story that makes you think and feel, keeps you guessing and has you running back to see if you can find the clues, I recommend you give this author a try, as I have yet to be disappointed with any of Kol’s books.


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