Kyle Adams- Dirty Cop

Dirty Cop

Copyright© 2013 Kyle Adams

Cover Art by Shadowphen

“I need your help, Leia,” I pleaded, watching her closely to gauge her reaction. Nothing, not even a muscle twitch, she had perfected the art of ignoring me. “This is serious, I think I really messed up.” She at least lifted her gaze to mine acknowledging my presence, but I could tell her thoughts were elsewhere. She would probably rather be outside playing ball than sitting here listening to me. “What happened? You ask.” My voice dripped with sarcasm. “Thanks for your concern. I got pulled over this afternoon.” Leia was watching me with what I could tell was only feigned interest. “When the officer approached the window, he said ‘Papers’ and before he could finish, I shouted, ‘Scissors! I win,’ and drove off.” I waited a moment for the impact of that to sink in to her pretty little head.

Leia continued looking at me as if I was the idiot, but she was the one who I often caught with drool dripping down her chin. “Why did I do it? That’s the stupid part. I saw it on a T-shirt, and it just popped in my head. Before I knew it, my tires were kicking gravel back at the cop. When I glanced in my rearview mirror, he just stood there looking astounded.” I explained to Leia. She sighed, but I knew that sigh really meant ‘you’re pathetic.’ I ignored her. If I wasn’t in such desperate need of her help, I wouldn’t have even bothered. “You have no idea what it’s like in that type of situation; on the front line, survival instincts kick in, and mine screamed, ‘hit the gas, motherfucker!’”

Leia just rolled onto her back, looking at me with her big, brown, puppy eyes. “What do you know anyway, you sniff your own butt and would happily eat your own poop if I didn’t stop you!” I chastised her, but started rubbing her soft belly so she’d know I didn’t really mean it. “Seriously though, I need you on my side for this one. Daddy Brayden loves you more than me, so if you could break the news to him, that would be great.” Leia didn’t look like she was on board with the plan, so I sweetened the deal, “I’ll buy you a new squeaky toy. That’s a sweet deal. You would be a fool not to take this.” I tried to make my voice as enticing as I could, knowing my tone might help persuade her to seeing things my way.

It definitely got her attention, as she rolled back over and sat up, her little tail going back and forth. She was so adorable, you’d never suspect that beneath all of that cuteness there was a manipulative mastermind preparing for galactic domination. I knew there was nothing I could do to stop her, so I just tried to remain mostly on her good side. Then, when she assembled her empire, she might take mercy on me. Until that day came, I just tried to live life normally. Now that I had her attention, I told her the details of my plan and her role. “I was thinking I’d leave the closet open, and you could chew up a pair of daddy’s favorite shoes, you know, to take the heat off of me.” I could tell by the way her tail stopped wagging she wasn’t going for this plan. “You know he’ll never stay mad at you! But me, I’ll be in the doghouse for weeks.” I tried to reason with her. When Brayden came home, he would look at me and just know I’d done something. Sometimes I accused him of being a mind reader, but he always swore he wasn’t telepathic, he just knew me too well.

In the end, I gave up on convincing Leia for help. She was too much of a daddy Brayden’s girl, and I was just the person that followed her around, serving her food and picking up her poop. Well, if she wouldn’t help me, I had other things I could do to prepare for his welcome home. I had the perfect new toy to try out too. I just hoped he’d like it.




A few hours later, there was a knock on the front door. I am one of those people that never looked through the peephole before opening the door. Brayden was always telling me to check before opening the door, but something about the way it was called a ‘peephole’ creeped me out. I told him if he wanted me to check that first, he could install a new door with a window. Since that hasn’t happened, I guess he isn’t too concerned about me one day opening the door to a machete-wielding lunatic. I didn’t hear Leia, she must still be sleeping in the bedroom.

I wasn’t surprised to see the cop standing there, but if I had looked first, I probably would have pretended not to be home, just to see what he’d do. Could not answering the door get me into more trouble than I was already in? I didn’t think it would, but who knows. Avoid problems until they go away, that’s a good motto. The cop just stood there looking smug with his short, but artfully messy hair and his big ‘I’m hot shit’ aviator, mirrored glasses. Okay, truthfully, he was drop-down, flop around, piss the floor from the seizure he induced, sexy. From the way he stood there looking all confident, and maybe even a little pissed off, I could tell he knew it too.

Lowering his sunglasses, he asked, “Remember me?”

“You do have one of those faces that look familiar.” I brought my hand up to my chin and pretended to think about it. “Are you the guy from the grocery store? Did I run into you with my cart?” I asked innocently. “I sure am sorry about that and promise it won’t happen again.” I made a ‘cross my heart’ gesture. “I’ve already signed up for cart pushing education classes and everything.” Giving him my sweetest smile, I said, “Thanks for stopping by, ta-ta.” I waved and started shutting the door.

He slammed his hand against the door, preventing me from closing it, He took a step forward so he was inside the doorway. “Try again.” He was starting to sound irritated.

I tried using more force to close the door, but he blocked it with his boot. His big, solid boot. Big hands, big feet, one big sexy fucking package. If I had not been trying to keep him out, I’d probably take a play from Leia’s book and start drooling all over myself.

“Stop trying to close the door.” He growled at me. It was a deep, throaty, purely animalistic sound. As much as it intimidated me, it turned me on even more.

“You told me to try again, so I did.” I let go of the door and crossed my arms over my chest defiantly. He might be a big, strong, sex god, but I was stubborn, and this was my house.

“I meant guess again, but you know what? Forget it.” He stepped fully into the entryway and shut the door behind him. “You’d just make up another story, so I’ll tell you who I am. I’m the cop you skipped out on, leaving me coughing in your dust like an idiot. I missed my quota for giving traffic violations because of you.” His voice got lower with each word, and he was showing a mouthful of teeth, but he wasn’t smiling. Well, maybe it could be a smile. In the way a hyena smiles at prey before devouring it.

“Oh, there’s obviously been a mistake. I let my neighbor borrow my car earlier; he’s a good person, just a bit irresponsible sometimes. I’ll talk to him about it and make sure he sends you a letter of apology. You may leave now, knowing everything has been resolved.”

“It was you. I’d know your mouth anywhere.” He stepped toward me, forcing me to scoot back until I was touching the wall.

“Fine, it was me, but you’re exaggerating. I was barely going over the suggested speed.” I said sweetly. I wished I had big puppy dog eyes I could flash to always get my way.

“It’s not a suggested speed, it’s a limit, and seventy-seven in a fifty-five is unacceptable.” He pulled his sunglasses off, putting them in his pocket.

“I thought you’d pulled me over for a game of Rock-Paper-Scissors, which I won. I knew you’d pick paper, it was such an obvious choice.”

“I never said paper. I started to tell you why I’d pulled you over, but you cut me off and started screaming something about scissors. Then you peeled out back onto the street, where you drove off like a maniac.” He shook his head. “I’ve never seen anything like it, and I’ve been a cop for six years.”

“I heard you say paper.” I stuck with my story. “And I’ve been hearing perfectly for twenty-three years, so I have more experience with this situation than you.”

“I never said that.” Did he always sound this angry with innocent bystanders? Why are cops always so angry whenever they talk to me? I made a mental note to write to the station and suggest all officers be forced to get relaxing, therapeutic massages at least weekly.

“Guess we had a failure to communicate.” I shrugged, “Either way,” I squinted at his name badge. “Officer Hendricks, I had places to be and couldn’t just wait there; you understand, right?” I patted him on the chest in a goodbye gesture.

“I understand you owe me.” He pressed closer, his leg slipping between mine.

“You can’t be in here without a warrant.” I said weakly. His hands went to the wall on both sides of my shoulders, caging me.

“I’m off duty.”

“You’re still in uniform.” I nervously licked my bottom lip and watched as his eyes tracked my tongue’s movement.

“I can change that.” He started to slowly unbutton his uniform shirt while his thigh continued to rub between my legs.

“What exactly do you want?”  I asked, starting to feel a little nervous.

“Fleeing and evading is a felony.” He stepped back enough to grab my waist and flip me around face first against the wall. I may have squeaked from the suddenness of the move. He used enough force to show me he was in charge, but not enough to hurt. He used his feet to spread my legs and bringing my wrists together against my lower back, he held them there with one hand. It all happened so quickly that I didn’t even have a chance to try and resist. “I could arrest you.” He stated while using his free hand to pat me down. First my sides and then he moved to my front. He reached my cock, “Are you carrying a concealed weapon? Oh, it looks like you’re just happy to see me. Very happy judging from how hard you are.” He moved his hand around to my ass and squeezed. “I’m not going to arrest you, because, like I already told you, ya owe me, and I’m here to collect.” He pressed his crotch into my ass, leaving no doubt what he was implying. Then I felt cool metal circle my wrists as he clicked his cuffs into place. “I’m going to need both hands for this next part.”

He slipped one hand around my waist so his fingers were spread on my flat stomach and pulled me tight against his hard groin. I knew it was probably the wrong way to feel, but I’d never been more turned on in my life. “First, we’re going to let your hair down,” he grabbed my ponytail and pulled the black band free. My hair fell down to just past my shoulders, what I considered the prefect length; still easy to care for, with enough length for a guy to wrap around his fist, like the cop behind me was currently doing. Using his hold on my hair, he angled my head back and started kissing me. It was rough, demanding, pure pleasure I could feel down to my toes. Sucking my lower lip between his teeth, he bit down a few times, nibbling on the sensitive flesh before his tongue was demanding entrance into my mouth. Out of stubbornness I tried to deny him access, keeping my lips locked together, but he tightened his hold on my hair, making my gasp. Without wasting any time, he started thrusting his tongue into my mouth. He tongue fucked my mouth with a passion I’ve never felt before.

The intensity of the kiss left me dizzy, unable to wrap my head around what was happening. But my body was lit with desire, and my dick was straining against my jeans. He slipped his hand down and started fumbling with the button of my pants. Pulling out of the kiss, he growled with frustration and let go of my hair so he could use both hands to work on popping my button free. “When I pulled you over, my first thought was what it would feel like grabbing your hair and shoving my cock through your luscious lips. I planned to fuck your mouth until I exploded down your throat.” He finished unfastening my jeans and started to lower them, noticing that I wasn’t wearing underwear. “Then you fucking left me standing there with my cock achingly hard. You know how much that pissed me off? A lot, but it also increased my desire to track you down and fuck you senseless, which wasn’t hard since I had your license plate.”

I couldn’t help but moan when he ran his finger down the seam of my ass, pausing when he reached my entrance. “What’s this? Do you have a sex toy in here? You came home and got ready for me? That’s fucking hot!” he said, biting my ear.

“It wasn’t for you,” I mumbled weakly.

“Doesn’t matter,” he said, smacking my ass. “When I’m done plowing this ass,” he spanked my other cheek, “You’ll never be able to be fucked by anyone else again without thinking of me and what I’m about to do to you.” His voice was filled with promise that left me with no doubt he meant every word. “Don’t move,” he grumbled as he slipped away from pressing against me.

I heard the rustling of fabric and then a thud as I think he dropped his utility belt. He stood too far back and was out of my view. I really wished I could see him stripping, even though it sounded like he was removing everything very quickly. I knew it would be hot to watch.

I didn’t hear or see him return.  Suddenly, without warning I felt his teeth sink into my ass. The bite was hard enough to leave an imprint in my cheek for over a week. It stung, and I grunted, but he quickly soothed the sting by licking the mark. He spread my legs as wide apart as my jeans would allow, causing my chest to slide along the wall. Thankfully, I still had on my t-shirt, which helped blocked most of the scraping against the plaster.

I lost track of all conscious thought, and my body felt like little more than a pleasure vessel when he grabbed the base of the well-lubed butt plug in my ass. He slowly twisted it, pulling it out one small section at a time. It was a plug made of three balls stacked together and a teardrop sphere on the tip. Each ball got bigger as they got closer to the base. I could feel my ass stretch and then tighten as each ball slipped out. When just the end was still inside me, he pushed forward, not stopping until the base was firmly pressed against my hole.

He started pulling it out again, then pushing it forward, back and forth. It felt wonderful, and my whimpers filled the entryway. Finally, I couldn’t take it anymore. “Fuck me,” I groaned. The pleasure from the plug was great, but I really wanted to feel him enter me. I could use the toy anytime but what I really wanted was his cock. “Fuck me.” I said again, this time a little louder.

“I plan on it.” He nipped my ass cheek again. “I just love watching your ass open and practically suck the plug back in. It’s the hottest thing I’ve ever seen.” I felt him reach forward and rub my balls. “God you have some big kiwis and kiwi has always been my favorite fruit. If I wasn’t ready to explode, I’d take my time to see if yours taste as ripe as they feel.” He said, as he finally removed the plug. As he stood up, I felt him slide his cock in the trench of my ass crack. I tried to thrust back against him but couldn’t get much leverage without digging my chest and face into the wall.

“I’m going to uncuff you now,” he said, stepping away from me, I presumed to grab his key. “Only because you’re going to need your hands to brace yourself against the wall.” He returned and quickly removed the cuffs before tossing them aside. With my hands free, I reached behind my back and felt his abs, strong and covered in a moderate amount of hair. So hot. I moved my hands down his stomach, gliding through his pubic hair to wrap around his hard cock. I stroked him from the base to his moist head. He was thick and at least seven inches long, a good size bigger than the plug he’d just finished using to fuck me. I spread the moisture around his cock and stroked him a few times before planting my hands on the wall in front of me. I thrust my ass back into him making it clear what I wanted.

He rubbed his cock up and down my crack a few more times before stopping with the head against my opening. He slowly applied pressure, and I felt his cock forcing me to open wider to let him in. I relaxed and pushed back against him. He easily slipped inside, and it wasn’t until he was about three quarters in that he was filling me deeper than the plug had. With his hands holding my hips, he took his time working his dick in further with short shallow thrusts, going a little deeper with each one. When he was fully sheathed inside my ass, he paused for a minute giving us both a chance to steady ourselves.

“Come on stud, fuck me like a mechanic.” I said, letting him know I was ready.


“Fuck me hard, the way you promised you would earlier.” I begged him, needing his thick cock to pound into me mercilessly.

“Careful what you ask for,” he warned.

I didn’t have a chance to reply before he pulled his dick out and then swiftly thrust it back in. I moaned loudly. Fuck, his cock felt amazing filling me up. As he picked up his pace, he moved one hand to my shoulder for better control. He slid out until just the head was left encased within my ass, only to ram forward and pull out again. His strokes were long, powerful and they hit all of my pleasure buttons. It took most of my strength just to keep myself pushed away from the wall. He was grunting behind me as I kept up a continuous moan of encouragement.

His thrusts became erratic, and I knew he was getting close. I wanted to stroke myself off, but I needed both arms to keep myself braced against the wall. He thrust forward one final time and stayed buried deep inside me. He leaned forward covering my back with his chest. His teeth bit into my shoulder, going through my shirt. I grunted from the pressure, felt his body shudder as he shot his release. The hand that held my hip snaked around and grabbed my ready to explode cock. I looked down and watched him rub his thumb under my sensitive head before he started working his fist up and down my shaft. It took only a few strokes before I closed my eyes and felt myself erupting. When my body was done trembling, I opened my eyes to see I’d shot on his hand, as well as my t-shirt, but most had landed against the wall. I’d worry about cleaning up tomorrow.

I leaned my forehead against the wall to catch my breath, even though he’d done most of the work. “The police seem to like using excessive force in this city. I think I have wall burn on my chest.” I said lethargically. “Not that I’m complaining.”

“Sometimes, that’s the only way to get the point across and teach a lesson,” he said, as his softening cock slipped out of my ass.

“I’m not sure I learned my lesson, I may need another course. That was incredible.” I said, finally breaking character. “See, I told you role playing would be fun.”

“You weren’t the one left standing on the side of the road like an idiot with a boner. I still can’t believe you just yelled and drove off.” He wiped his hand off on my shirt and then gave my ass another swat, leaving his hand where it landed.

“You really expected me to blow you through the car window, in broad daylight, and then drive home and masturbate to the memory?” I said in disbelief.

“That makes it more adventurous. No one would have noticed, and you love to jerk off!”

“I’d rather do it with you though. And as much as I love to blow you, the idea of then driving home and taking care of myself just wasn’t appealing.”

“Fine, all future role playing will be planned with time and a location to allow for mutual release. It still wouldn’t have killed you to blow me while I was on lunch.”

“Role playing is meant to be sexy and spontaneous. My character was a compulsive liar with a rap sheet longer than Jersey. I had to get out of there. I even fibbed to Leia when I got home.”

“What did you do to Princess Leia?”

“Nothing, we just talked. I told her I’d buy her a new toy if she helped me make sure her daddy wasn’t pissed off at me by the change of plans.”

“You better not have traumatized her; she’s only eight months old. I thought I asked you not to speak in front of her when I’m not around to supervise.”

“Relax, she wouldn’t do it, and I love her too. She could tell I was just in character and she mostly ignored me.” A habit she had when I wasn’t in character as well.

“Where is our poor dog now?”

“She’s sleeping in her bed. I closed the door so she wouldn’t disturb us. I also made sure she was very tired before you got home. We threw her ball for like three hours and she just wanted to keep going.”

“Hope you didn’t wear her out too much.”

I needed to change the subject or we would end up debating whether I ruined the dog or not for the rest of the night, so I quickly changed the subject. “I didn’t know you had a quota for handing out tickets.”

“We don’t, but part of our performance is evaluated by how many traffic citations we’ve handed out each month. Though, the guys will make wagers to see who can give out the most.”

Leaning over, he gave me a quick kiss. “I’m going to go say hi to my other princess.” I smiled at him as he walked away, not ready to move yet. “Love you.”

I started counting in my head: nineteen, twenty — “Conrad!” Brayden yelled, right on cue, “You left the closet open, and the dog made a huge mess.”

“Oops!” I yelled back. I had actually made a side deal with Leia – I would leave the closet open, and she could have anything she wanted that wasn’t mine. In exchange, she would leave us alone while we got hot and sweaty. That way, if she woke up early, she wouldn’t whine at the door. I loved her, but she was a total cock-block.

“It’s not my stuff she’s chewing on,” he yelled back.

That bitch had double-crossed me. It’s what I get for making a deal with a dog. Since I was well-fucked and completely satisfied at the moment, I couldn’t find the energy to care. In that moment life was great.


Kyle Adams

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