Kyle Adams – Dirty Drag 3: Beyond the Drag


Author: Kyle Adams
Reviewed by: Lucy
Publisher: Self Published
Genre: M/M Contemporary
ISBN 13:   9781301474714

Rating: ★★★★★ 

Summary:  Dirty Drag 3: Beyond the Drag picks up right after the shocking conclusion of book two. Ashley is on a new mission to impress Rick and show him he can be serious about a relationship. If he’s able to open up and let a few things off his chest and can avoid making a boob of himself in the process, he might just succeed. This is the final story for Rick and Ashley, and it’s a finale you don’t want to miss

Review:  Good grief what to even say about this short continuation of the story of Ashley and Rick!!! Poor Kyle Adams, who has to live up to making Ashley and Rick better and better each time.  Luckily for me, he does it so well.  This time, Ashley and Rick are going to have a real date, albeit at the Dairy Queen, so that Rick can return Ashley’s left boob form that he has been holding hostage.  Ashley, he’s the greatest character because he is unapologetically himself.  Now, though, he wants Rick to see that he is serious about getting to know him and serious about them having a chance together, maybe as a real couple. Trashley in a suit?  Flippin amazing.   Almost as good as Ashley in a skirt.

I have to comment that Kyle has the best descriptors, always make me laugh.   Ashley wants to show he’s more than a “skanktart”, not just a “brainless bimfoon”.   Oh, Ashley, not to worry.  You aren’t.   It is also lovely that Ashley is very scared about showing Rick the real him and yet he knows that Rick would never be cruel or use anything against him.  He already understands that Rick is a genuinely nice man.

The conversation at the Dairy Queen veers from sarcastic to very funny to very serious and I had a nervous minute when I thought Rick might be hurting Ashley’s heart.  Ashley did, as well.   Ashley comes across as shallow and sarcastic, but listen to the things he notices about people and how do you not fall in love with him?

I of course have to mention that Ashley does get his poor boob back.  He names them of course, so he is so sad to see that his boob Lucy (YEAH!) is all smooshed from being in Rick’s pocket.   As a person who names all her tech, I completely understood that he names his boob – anything you fondle that much needs a name.  It’s only polite, after all.   Extra points for getting the sloth’s sex habits in there.

My problem with the Dirty Drag books is I always want more, more, more.  Greedy, yes I am.  I keep hoping this beginning of theirs can lead to more (hint).  Mr Adams has his first longer book, from Dreamspinner, coming out in June.  I can’t wait.

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