Kyle Adams – Prize Package


Author: Kyle Adams
Reviewed by: JustJen
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Genre: M/M Contemporary
ISBN 13: 9781623808426

Rating: ★★★★½ 

Summary: When Jason Smith wins a contest he doesn’t remember entering, he earns a visit with The MeatGrinder, aka Trent Peterson. Trent expected a rabid fan; instead, he gets Jason, who knows nothing about wrestling, doesn’t care about the prizes, and would prefer to skip the official wrestling demo, please. Trent should be annoyed, but by the end of the day, Trent knows he wants more than one day with Jason. Now he just has to convince Jason that Trent is more than his alter ego

Review: This story is piece of Dreamspinner Press’ 2013 Daily Dose – Make a Play anthology.  It is about Jason Smith, a common-named young man with a compulsive habit of entering contests.  One day, Jason actually wins a contest he doesn’t even remember entering – The Biggest Meathead Alive! contest.  More specifically, he gets to spend the day with wrestling superstar, The MeatGrinder.

After performing some recon on the MeatGrinder in preparation for his big prize collection, Jason realizes he actually knows the MeatGrinder, or Trent Peterson, as he was called back when Jason crushed on him in college.  Jason sees this as his second chance at Trent now that he is more confident and outgoing, and his excitement is renewed.  Every obstacle Jason comes across, he sees as an opportunity of things that were meant to be.  I love his attitude!  Jason is incredibly cute.

Jason’s contest day quickly arrives where he is met with a groggy Trent who had forgotten all about what day it was.  Jason is a wonderful character, funny and cute and even a bit of a whirlwind I imagine.  It’s fun to watch him try to be so nonchalant with Trent while pretending to be the Biggest Meathead super enthusiastic contest winner.  Trent seems like a big cuddly bear with a giant heart and just generally a nice guy.  They dance around each other with funny banter and comments.  Jason still doesn’t quite get the whole wrestling fan deal but he tries so hard to be convincing.

Video games commence, as well as an education in the elements of wrestling, which double as an attempt to cure Jason of his contest entering addiction.  Add a refreshing swim, steamy shower scene, and promises of a future relationship, and this little story has it all.  Jason and Trent have great chemistry, and they really seem to get each other.  I could totally picture them together and would love to see more of their budding relationship.  What an enjoyable and unique story.


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