L.C.Chase – Mr. Romance (Love Brokers)

Author: L.C.Chase
Reviewed by: Mandy
Publisher: Loose Id
Genre: M/M Contemporary
ISBN 13:9781623001

Rating: ★★★★☆ 


Jacob Cruz is an ‘old school’ matchmaker, he runs his own business called ‘His Perfect  Match’ he doesn’t rely on computer questionnaires or complicated algorithms, he gets to know his clients and finds them the man that is just right for them. With a 99% success rate I’m sure business is booming.

He has a boyfriend Christopher and a best friend and only straight match he’s ever set up for Violet. Violet knows she has the perfect man for Jacob and introduces him to Brant Hudson at a New Years Eve party.  


Although we get both Jacob and Brant’s perspective I did feel that I got far more of Brant’s emotions and feelings.

Their first meeting at the party and Brant, who by the way is known as ‘ Mr.Romance ‘ because of his successful relationship consulting business, knows Jacob is ‘ THE ONE ‘ for him. He is li theme of things going wrong and fate seeming to be working against them is continued throughout the story.

But the timing isn’t right, Jacob has been with Christopher for two years at this point and Brant is in a relationship. They try to be friends but decide that the feelings between them don’t allow for it. They meet again five years later, both are single and want to see where it goes. There is a small misunderstanding and again fate and a ferret interfering which is cute and not over done and there is almost no sex in this story, which is a nice change for me!

This fluffy story is sweet and romantic, Brant is such a smitten sap I just want to hug him and tell him to get on with it already! The ending had me smiling, this is a great read for after an angsty or heavy book when you just want to have a happy story.


There is a part that was the most difficult for me to wrap my mind around. Mr Matchmaker settles into a relationship for seven years (that is a very long time) and although we see next to nothing of Christopher, there must be more to it than that to keep him from going after the man he knows he should be with. There is even a quote that sums it up ” …..and Jacob thought briefly how wrong he’d been to stay on the safe road when he should have been on the winding one all along.” And Brant is Mr Romance, I loved Brant, he is so sweet and smitten, I just couldn’t believe Mr Romance couldn’t have worked a little of his own magic. SPOILER END


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