L.L. Brooks – Hard to Love A Gay Vamp

Author: L.L. Brooks
Reviewed by: Kevin
Publisher: Secret Cravings
Genre: M/M Paranormal
ISBN 13: 9781618853981

Rating: ★★☆☆☆ 

Summary: Eddie had been in love with Jay for a long time. Eddie, however, had two strikes against him for ever having a relationship with Jay, a straight mortal. Relationships were hard for a gay vamp. The night he exposed his sexual preferences, Jay turned him down cold. If he couldn’t accept a homosexual relationship, he’d never accept loving a vampire. Still he showed some curiosity on the gay thing, giving Eddie a faint hope until Jay was killed. Desperate not to lose him, Eddie attempts his first turning, unsupervised and without permission from his master. Fouling it up, leaving Jay suspended between dead and immortal, the only way to complete the turn and save the man he loves is to call his master. Knowing he will suffer Clint’s anger, he receives the surprise of his immortal life. Love can come in threes


I was once told by my mother, if you have nothing nice to saythen don’t say anything at all. So my review on this one will be very brief and to the point.

I felt there could had been a good story with these characters, had the author taken the time to develop them and provide a little more background information on the three main characters relationships. I felt the book was short and had too much of a focus on the sex for sex sake with little to nothing on the characters and the feelings they may or may not have for one another.

In addition I thought the transformation from human to vampire was over the top and really needed to be toned down and made original.

I hope the author takes this review for what it is worth and works to be the writer I believe lurks inside.


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