Lady T.L Jennings – Complicated Affairs

Author: Lady T.L Jennings
Reviewed by: Lucy
Publisher: My Secret Quill
Genre: M/M Historical
ISBN 13:   NA

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Summary:  Sebastian Coxe, a young dashing man from London, arrives in the company of his shy twin sister Octavia to spend the season in Bath. There he meets Baron Carl Whitmore, a private gentleman who has withdrawn from society and with no intentions whatsoever of involving himself in a forbidden liaison, especially not with an infamous rake….

Review:  Oh Sebastian.  Such a scoundrel he is, always searching for his next lover, his next drink, his next way to get in trouble. Spoiled by his parents, he accompanies the family to Bath, where maybe his twin can find herself a husband.  Sebastian is also a snob, servants and such being so beneath his notice.  His mother is very fond of cards, which made me laugh. 

There were a few times that we are told things instead of being shown them (a description of a sedan chair, for example).  There is a lot of internal dialogue on the part of Sebastian that underscored his very healthy opinion of himself.

Olivia is very much on the shelf age and surprisingly accepting of her brother’s nature, as shy and sheltered as she is.  When we meet Baron Carl Whitmore, it is a breath of fresh air from the meanderings of Sebastian.  Whitmore is serious, quiet and reserved.  The perfect match for Olivia.

As the story progresses, Sebastian becomes more of a person, his love of his sister and his hidden vulnerability coming forth.   I liked him by the end so much more.  I loved Baron Whitmore throughout, wounded leg and quiet reserve who has those walls around his heart crumbled a little.  A very lovely Victorian story.






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