Lauren Dane – Trinity (de La Vega Cats #1)

trinityAuthor: Lauren Dane
Reviewer: Lexi
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Genre: M/M/F Paranormal
ISBN: 9781605046945

Rating: ★★★☆☆ 

One witch, one cat shifter. Add one wolf. Blend. Safety glasses recommended. Renee Parcell loves her life. Her smoothie/coffee cart business is successful, and she’s deeply in love with her boyfriend, Galen. He makes her laugh, he’s gainfully employed, and he satisfies her as only a sexy cat shifter can. He even puts the toilet seat down. Yet they both sense something in the air. An anticipation that leaves them both unsettled. Tall, blond and gorgeous Jack Meyers, Enforcer of National Pack and one of the most beautiful men Renee and Galen have ever seen, stumbles into Renee’s life and the riddle of their expectation is solved-Renee is Jack’s mate. What surprises them all is when the three of them touch, magick creates an unexpected triple bond of witch, cat and wolf. Even as they learn to navigate the steamy intricacies of their bond, a threat looms over Renee. First in the form of resurrected memories, then in the shape of darker magicks someone is aiming at her. Set on stealing her inherent powers-even her life. Renee can stand to lose almost anything, except her mates. But there seems to be no talking them out of laying everything on the line for her… Warning: All kinds of alpha maleness going on up in here and the woman responsible for keeping them in line. Sexin in many varied settings and positions, including sexy times between dudes. Bad words. Tight butts in worn denim. Some violence here and there.

I love ménage romances. I like watching the dynamics, how the three come together and work things out. This was okay for reasons I’ll explain in a moment. What I did enjoy about this book was the introduction to the world of magic. Renee has some magic and I learned along with her about her background and the dark mages that plague those who have magic. I also enjoyed Galen and his existing relationship with Renee. Jack and the wolves had very set beliefs about cat shifters which proved to be wrong. It made me wonder why they didn’t know more.

With the coming together of three different parnanormals; a witch, a cat shifter, and a wolf shifter, I was given a good look at the Cascadia wolf pack, and of Renee’s family but there was very little shown of Galen’s pride. Where we met a couple of Jack’s pack at the beginning, we didn’t meet any of Galen’s pride until the end neared. Considering this series is about the de la Vega Cats, I expected more.

Renee grated against me a little when she pushed back about needing protection. She refused to believe that her magic was growing even when presented with other’s observations. Refusing was Renee’s hiccup. She refused to believe that her stepmother was a horrible person or that her father was a heartless bastard. Refused to believe she was abused. Refused to believe she couldn’t protect herself against a dark mage when she didn’t know how to control her magic. She refused—a lot—and it was extremely annoying. She wanted to stand on her own, and she did in several instances, such as the cat’s hazing her. Which that in itself was an odd practice because only adolescents haze others, but since there wasn’t a deeper look at the pride I couldn’t get an idea what they did or if Renee was in danger of being injured.

My next problem with Renee, I’m sure others will disagree with me. She kept secrets about her current life from Galen, her mate. She didn’t share that her stepmother harassed her at the shop or that one of the cats threatened her with claws, something that was illegal in the shifter world because the scratch could turn her into a shifter. Renee had already refused to be turned. She kept many secrets, some that ate at her but she kept them because she didn’t want to appear weak. All it did was show me she didn’t trust Galen enough to confide and lean on him. One of the arguments that she had with Jack and Galen had to do with Jack sharing what she told him with Galen. He should’ve told he would or given her the chance to tell Galen first but honestly, I couldn’t fault Jack too much for that. The three of them should’ve sat down and talked about it but Renee had a habit of running away from issues and she didn’t take the time to explain why she kept everything from Galen. She tore Jack and Galen a new one about her ability to stand on her own and for them to back off and cut out their alpha protectiveness. Then later, when Jack did let her stand on her own with his pack she tore him another new one for not coming to her aid. Needless to say, her denials, contradictions, and her needlessly risking herself did not make me believe she was a strong individual. At times, I didn’t even like her.

I did enjoy Jack and Galen, watching them circle each other as they contemplated how they were going to make this work, with Renee mated to the both of them. I liked that they both came to the conclusion that they, too, were each other’s mate but was disappointed when their only intimacy was a few shared kisses and a hand job in the kitchen. All the other major sex scenes revolved around Renee. For those who are squicked by anal sex, you are safe with this story because there isn’t any to be had anywhere.

All in all, I did end up liking this. I liked the reveal of the Renee’s mysterious past and would have given this an extra star if she hadn’t picked fights with Galen and Jack over the supposed issues I listed above. The story really didn’t need it with the complexity of Renee’s family and the threat of the dark mage. This did end with issues that were unresolved. I had to check and see if the next book in the series was about these three because I’m not interested enough to revisit them.

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