Lee Brazil – A Gentleman Never Does


Author: Lee Brazil
Reviewed by: Lucy
Publisher: Breathless Press
Genre: M/M Historical
ISBN 13:

Rating: ★★★¾☆ 


Summary:  Short of funds, Gareth proposes to wager for love. Does Gideon dare play out this hand?

Gideon Westwood is passing time at a debutante ball when he encounters a man from his past he’d give anything to avoid.

Unfortunately for him, Gareth Belmain isn’t in the mood to be pushed aside.

A wager leads to a walk in the garden and a kiss to angry words.

Will a public challenge put an end to any hope they might have for a future together

Review: Even as I wanted to hate Gideon for the way he pushes Gareth away, I couldn’t help but understand why.  They live in a time when sodomy is punishable by death at worst, being ostracized at best.  Despite Gideon’s attempts, he can’t help but be attracted to Gareth.  The problem is that Gareth is very flamboyant – he’s the epitome of out and proud and doesn’t care what people think (or perhaps doesn’t think of the danger that may result).  Either way, he’s a whole lot truer to himself than Gideon is and seems a whole lot happier in his own skin besides.

When an incensed Gareth calls Gideon a liar, it’s challenge time.  I rolled my eyes at Gideon, wanting to smack him.  He is friends with all manner of people, how can he not see! And he treats Gareth abominably sometimes.

This is a good entry into the genre of M/M historical and worth reading just for Gareth alone.  I liked that man.


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