Lee Brazil – Temptation


Author: Lee Brazil
Reviewed by: SheReadsAlot
Publisher: Breathless Press
Genre: M/M Contemporary
ISBN 13: 9781771019583

Rating: ★★★☆☆ 


After a hot interlude at a holiday party, Lake Wynters and Solomon Arsdale exchange phone numbers but not promises. Lake is fine with that until something happens he’s never experienced. As days pass without Solomon calling, Lake discovers he just can’t forget the sexy older man. Giving in to temptation, he takes matters into his own hands and visits Solomon at his office, breaking his own dating rules.

Waiting in Solomon’s office, Lake is shaken to the core by how much Solomon’s acknowledgement of their encounter means to him, and how much more he wants it to lead to.

But when the door he’s eagerly watching opens, it brings new temptation in the form of Adonis Kosmias. Adonis isn’t anything like Solomon. Not many would call him beautiful. His features are too harsh, his body too angular. But he moves with fluid grace and his hair falls in perfect waves and his eyes sparkle with warmth. From the first touch of his hand Lake is thrown into even greater confusion. So distracted by Adonis’s touch is he, that when Solomon finally makes an appearance, their hands are still clasped.

Meeting Solomon again while holding hands with another man wasn’t in Lake’s plan. Neither was anything that happened afterward.

Review:  Lee Brazil’s “Temptation” is a story about a twenty-something’s hookup at an office Christmas party with a “silver fox” (gotta love those silver foxes!) turns into something more than either man expected.

Lake is a model meets Solomon at a holiday party hooks up and expects a phone call like ASAP. Because Lake is hot…he knows it, everyone else should know it too. Unfortunately two weeks pass by and Lake is still turned on from the wondrous oral experience but he receives no phone call from Solomon. A first for Lake, so he tracks the man down to give him a piece of his mind and maybe some ass. What he gets is Adonis…Solomon’s partner.

There’s no cheating, so hold your horses. Solomon and Adonis are in an open relationship and just might have found their third to form a triad. The story is told from Lake’s POV which I enjoyed for the most part. He’s vain, selfish, not the sharpest tool in the shed and a clothes whore and he owns it. He has trepidation on starting with Adonis and Solomon. (I liked that) And though he’s remarked as being beautiful, he’s insecure which he took out on the other men and himself. The three get together fairly quickly (the length is less than 80 pages) but the story was good.

There is no problem with the story length. There were a few parts that dragged – mostly parts with Lake’s introspection. I think more details should have been given to each main character. They were interesting enough but I wished we got more background especially with Adonis and Solomon.

It’s fun with little angst, hot triad sex and a HEA. Do not expect too much depth and it will be an enjoyable read


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