Lia Silver – Prisoner (Echo’s Wolf # 1)

prisonerAuthor: Lia Silver
Reviewer: Aggie
Publisher:Melusine Press
Genre: M/F Paranormal

Rating: ★★★★★ 

Echo was created to be a weapon.

Echo was born when a secret laboratory tried to genetically engineer the perfect assassin. Two clones survived: Echo, the success, and Charlie, the failure. Stronger and faster than any normal human, Echo knows no life but killing, and has never loved or been loved by anyone but her frail sister. But that’s about to change…

DJ Torres made himself into a Marine.

DJ was born a werewolf. But he grew up to be a rebel, and left his pack to join the Marines. When his helicopter was shot down in Afghanistan and his best friend lay dying in his arms, DJ bit him to save his life. Revealed as a shifter, DJ is imprisoned in the lab and subjected to mind games and experiments. But the lab rat is about to bite back…

Can two misfit people fit together?

Echo was engineered to surpass the limits of the human body, but she doesn’t know how to relate to other human beings. No one thought DJ could make it as a Marine, but he doesn’t know when to quit. When they’re forced to partner up, will they betray each other as their only chance to escape? Or will they risk everything on a love that crosses the battle lines?

This is a full-length novel, the first in a set of three. It has a happily-for-now ending. The third book will have the happily-ever-after.
I am becoming such a fan of Lia Silver. Prisoner is the second book I have read by her and I am very, very impressed. Ms. Silver’s strength in writing a great story are the characters that she creates. They are unbelievably real with real flaws, hang ups, and problems.. They would be just like regular folk if they weren’t werewolves and assassins!
Speaking of werewolves, Dale “DJ” Torres is a Marine and a born wolf. When his plane over Afghanistan is shot down and his best friend, Roy is critically injured, he makes the decision to bite him and save his life by making him a furry beastie. The two are soon separated and DJ wakes up and finds himself in a mysterious lab being questioned and prodded by one Dr. Sempler, a sadist, if readers need to know the truth. And a real bitch. Not the fuzzy wuzzy kind either.
D.J. does the one thing his instincts tell him to do : he escapes, and while doing so he runs into a tall, menacing, white-haired woman with ice blue eyes, who attempts to stop him. They scuffle and he manages to escape into the blazing hot sun of the desert.
In comes Echo. She is an assassin for Dr. Dowling, who heads the laboratory and who manipulates her into snuffing people out, under threat that her last surviving sister, Charlie will be harmed if she doesn’t.
Echo is sent to hunt and retrieve DJ and when she successfully brings him back (not without some valiant struggles by DJ, which is a hoot!), the evil bastard, Dowling, also threatens DJ with the life of his best bud, Roy, who is being held somewhere in the facility.
Forced into being partners with the headstrong Echo, DJ has no choice but to obey the evil clowns until the right moment presents itself to flee.
I loved this story . I loved the characters. It is utterly refreshing to see fictional people relate to each other without the use of the same old idiotic gender stereotypes. Ms. Silver makes DJ so likeable. Warm, friendly, FUNNY, loyal, a bit of a hyper chatterbox, and if I must say, a bit needy. Of course, that may be the doggie side of him. But I doubt it. Even in human form he is so cuddly. He’s totally adorkable and he doesn’t care. He’s also a good Marine and jerkweed-free…..i.e. not an abusive wienie.
And Echo, she was perfect. Strong, a bit stand-offish. She doesn’t let her emotions rule her. She is programmed to fight and kill. She is as determined and stubborn as DJ. She is a great heroine. She takes care of herself and doesn’t need a man. I loved that she wasn’t falling over DJ at the first sight of him. But I also liked it when she was assertive and aggressive and made the first move. She takes what she wants, when she wants it. She and DJ are true equals in every way.
There wasn’t one thing that I didn’t like about Prisoner. It was pretty much perfect. The witty repartee between Echo and DJ had me laughing out loud at times. Platypuses? Tree-shifters? Really?? Really. Sort of. Heehee.. The dialogue between these two protagonists alone is enough for the 5 star rating it has earned.
In addition to the humor, there is action, death, a pack of out of control lab wolves, and the constant implied threats by the evil scientists that keep DJ and Echo under their control. Dirty bastard clowns!
Readers beware that there is no real solution at the conclusion of Prisoner. It sort of just ended with the characters contented for the time being.(And that is all this reviewer is saying) Bear in mind that there are one or two other books to follow starring DJ and Echo, in which they will (hopefully) get out of the mess that they are in. And, in this reviewer’s opinion, the books are worth waiting for.
I highly recommend Prisoner. It will be a quick read once a reader gets involved. But I also HIGHLY recommend Ms. Silver’s other book, Laura’s Wolf, which tells Roy’s story and the aftermath of the Afghanistan crash and what happened to him. Readers may want to read that first.

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