Lisa Henry & J.A. Rock – Naughty Boy



Author: Lisa Henry & J.A. Rock
Reviewed by: Barb
Publisher: Loose Id
Genre: M/M Contemporary

Rating: ★★★★½ 


Brin and his Dom, Ferg, have enjoyed a fun, sexy domestic discipline relationship for years. Brin knows his role—flamboyant, fabulous brat—and Ferg knows it’s his job to play the big bad Dom, giving Brin the punishment he desperately craves. When Brin is tasked with dressing his new friend Lane Moredock for a date with Brin’s ex, Derek, he’s excited—fashion is what he knows best, and Lane is going to look stunning.

But what should be a fun afternoon takes a serious turn when Brin sees that Lane has been injured, and Lane’s reluctance to tell Brin the truth about it makes Brin start to question who he is, why things didn’t work with Derek, and what people really think of him. Is he just a flittery, glittery fashion fairy? Or does he mean something more to the people he loves? And can he find a way to bring these doubts up with Ferg—or is Ferg going to have to Top his way to the bottom of this?


This short story is an adjunct to The Good Boy, released earlier this year.  The focus is on Brin and Brin’s relationships with his lover Ferg and soon to be close friend, Lane.  A large part of the story is Brin’s introspective review of who he really is, who he wants to be, who he has been to friends or lovers in the past, and how he presents himself to the outside world.   

Since we are seeing Brin’s perspective throughout this story, it is outrageously funny at times.  But it’s also beautifully poignant as Brin struggles to be the friend that he can see that Lane needs.  He also struggles with believing in Ferg’s love for him

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As he usually does, Ferg pinpoints Brin’s needs and desires and gets him to open up and share.  They ultimately express their love in passion and the story ends on a happy note with Brin and Lane sharing date night news over coffee.  

This was quite a nice short story and I highly recommend it to everyone who reads The Good Boy because if you’ve read that, it’s highly likely you want more of Brin and this short story delivers.



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