Liv Olteano – Tooth for a Fang

toothAuthor: Liv Olteano
Reviewer: Sandra
Publisher: DreamSpinner Press
Genre: M/M Paranormal
ISBN: 9781632160379

Rating: ★★★½☆ 

Summary: Three days. Three dead bodies. One newly turned, broken-hearted lycan tracker to figure out the connection.

The one summer Rick Barton takes a vacation, all hell breaks loose. Running from an abusive relationship leads him into the arms of hard-nosed lycan Travis Chandler, who gives him little choice but to become a lycan too and join the Paranormal Bureau of Investigation. Out of options, Rick joins the weird organization, expecting some two weeks of training and an adjustment period. Tough luck, he doesn’t get either. On his first day, his new partner offers to promote him to field agent if they get mated – less time wasted on training, more time on the field, and considering Rick is the only tracker the Bureau has on hand when a wave of strange murders hits the community, time is of the essence.

Someone’s killing the leaders of the paranormal world and mutilating the bodies. Investigating and tracking clues is enough of a challenge, and Rick must contend with an impatient Council, Travis’s advances, and actually adjusting to being a lycan. Only one thing is certain: Rick’s new life promises plenty of interesting adventures—as long as he can survive.
Review: I read almost exclusively M/M these days, although for a while I was on a huge Urban Fantasy kick. So you can imagine my excitement when I saw this and thought, “Oooooh! Gay Dresden Files!?!?” Well, not exactly. This dose have a UF feel to it, but with the strong focus on the relationship and mating, it is decidedly more Paranormal Romance. That’s not a bad thing per se. It just is.

I don’t have a ton of specific ‘likes’ to list off, I just enjoyed it. It’s well written, the dialogue is natural, and I liked the interaction between the two MC’s. There are good secondary characters across the board. The murder mystery plot was decent and intriguing, but they didn’t focus wholly on that where we got bored with it.

Now for the easier part, criticisms. That sounds harsh, these are mostly little niggles that I noticed and feel the need to mention, for whatever reason. Now, I am not a cop. I have no cop friends or family members, but even I was a little bit insulted by the implication that just about anyone can up and be a detective. I know they didn’t mean it like that, and they did clarify later on that they purposely did not ever turn actual cops because they tend to have split loyalties and feel conflicted about it. But really. He’s an accountant or whatever one day, and a star detective the next. No problem.

Next was Rick and how he feels about his past. This seemed a little all over the place to me, changing depending on what best suited the particular scene or scenario. At first he seemed very casual and unaffected by it. Then it begins to be some huge issue in their relationship. It just seemed a little too… convenient, at times. For all his supposed trust issues, this whole mating bond with minimal choice really should have been more of a problem for him than it was.

Lastly, the mystery gets somewhat resolved, and somewhat left open for the next book to continue on with the case. That’s fine, I didn’t feel cheated. But I think they should have had a better idea of the scenario behind the killings at least.

But I’m so onto the next book. I want a confrontation with Mitch. I want a certain someone to get his comeuppance, or at least address how shitty shit was. I want more Tail. I want to learn more about Timmy and have him not be a dick, maybe a friend to Rick, meet his mate. I want to see change in the council and the paranormal community. I think you get the idea, I want more! Next please. 🙂

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  1. I really looked forward to this book and is sounds like a cliffhanger without resolution – hate that and won’t be buying it. Thank you for letting us know. I consider cliffhangers to be a particularly repulsive way to hook a reader into spending more money.

  2. It didn’t feel like a cliffhanger to me. It’s true that the murder does not get solved, but the murder itself is a relatively small portion of the plot. I would liken it to a TV series where there is an over-arcing plot for the whole season, so in each episode there are some things left open, but on the whole each individual episode has it’s own plot and feels complete. The plot of the ‘season’ (or series, in this case) is the murder mystery. The plot of this ‘episode’ was more focused on their relationship and the mating, so that was fully completed and not left open. Hope that helps!

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