Lori Toland – The Long Con

Author: Lori Toland
Reviewed by: Don
Publisher: Loose ID
Genre: M/M Contemporary Romance
ISBN 13: 9781611186949

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

There’s something for everyone in this clever romantic suspense story. Nathaniel Bradley is a gorgeous British agent who’s grandmother was just robbed. The only thing taken in the robbery was one of the lost Faberge eggs so it is thought to be an art theft. Bradley travels to the U.S. and infiltrates a ring of con men by posing as a hustler. The con is supposed to be an easy one with Bradley seducing the heir apparent of a mafia family,Tony Terranova, while the others sell Tony what they believe to be a phony Faberge egg. The seduction goes off beautifully and Bradley is firmly ensconced in Tony’s apartment. What Bradley doesn’t count on is that Tony is the perfect Sub to compliment Bradley’s Dom needs. The sex is wild and everything both men want but quickly matters of the heart take over and Bradley doesn’t want to see Tony conned or hurt. Bradley knows the egg is his grandmother’s real egg so comes up with his own plan to just steal the egg but leave his love behind. The web of lies and deception grows as the angst over Bradley having to leave the only man he has ever loved grows. I loved Tony and Bradley as a couple and their personalities are well fleshed out. The plot twists and turns that Ms Toland wove into this fun book kept me guessing just how she was going to pull off a HEA. Bradley and Tony may well be in love but it is all based on lies hidden by both men. The way the end of the story unfolded was magical and romantic but I won’t spoil it for the next reader,  which should be just about everyone in my opinion.


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