M.L. Rhodes – Familiar


Author: M.L. Rhodes
Reviewed by: Mandy
Publisher: Amber Allure
Genre: M/M Paranormal
ISBN 13:   9781611243659

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Summary: Emrys Andrews grew up in a quaint New England town in a big, close-knit family. In school he was never a brain or a jock, and he wasn’t in the popular crowd, but he had good friends and was known as an all-around, nice-guy geek. His family, however, wasn’t exactly average. You see, Emrys lived in a town steeped in a rich history of witchcraft—Salem, Massachusetts. And the members of Emry’s family were, you guessed it, honest-to-goodness witches. Still, life had always been pretty great for him except for one little problem. While the rest of his family totally rocked the witch power,

Emrys was, let’s say, magickally challenged. Even his family tended to avoid him when he did magick, as most had been victims of his wayward spells.

David Jennings was everything Emrys was not—sexy, popular, athletic, and a perfectly normal non-magick person. In spite of their differences, all it took was one look into David’s twinkling blue eyes and Emrys was a goner. He kept his crush secret, however, because his magick was usually at its worst when he was emotional or his adrenaline was pumping, and around David, he couldn’t control either.

When an unexpected encounter finally throws them together, Emrys discovers he’s not the only one who’s been fantasizing from afar, and sometimes opposites not only attract, they make a perfect chemical, and magickal, bond. As it happens, though, David’s family isn’t average either. They keep secrets. And when those secrets come to light, David’s forced to leave town and never look back. Brokenhearted, Emrys tries to move on without him. Years later, David returns, and comes to Emrys for the kind of help that only a witch can offer. Unfortunately, Emrys’ abilities are still as wretched and unpredictable as ever. But with David’s life on the line, Emrys knows he has to find a way to control his power once and for all to save the man who’s always been his perfect mate.

Review:  Well the blurb is a good synopsis of the story, but it can’t really tell you how totally sweet, sappy and cute this story is.

Emrys our narrator and unfortunately a total loser at witchiness is such a babbling sweetie.  He sums up his ability at magick like this: ” My life was a history of mishaps and accidents with magick—there’d been episodes of exploding birthday cakes, holes blown in the backyard fence, toy fire engines gone mad, cats turned purple, and my sister Samantha waking up one morning with warts all over her face.”

He is 18 and just graduated from high school when it seems the fates come together and give him a night with his secret crush David. He has been lusting after David for over a year and a half after seeing him play football and unwittingly causing a major mishap henceforth known as ‘the pile-up’.

A dare from his friend gets Emrys to a very old and abandoned house, his wayward magick causes an accident yet again, but the results are actually pretty spectacular, a tleast as far as Emrys is concerned. He ends up literally falling on top of David and finds out that he hasn’t been alone in feelings for the other boy.

About half of the book is a short set up and this one night they spend together.

There is a lot of sex in this story and there is definitely the rush of two young men in the first throes of love.

Emrys thoughts and feelings and babbling endeared him to me right away and of course being the most likely to cause a major disaster with his magick in a family of talented witches can’t be easy, but he really is adorable. David isn’t quite who Emrys always  thought he was, his family life is far from ideal. I really wanted to give his mother a piece of my mind, since she was obviously lacking in the brains department.

This being a story with witches I didn’t have an issue with these young lovers knowing it was true love and they are meant for each other, the talk of soul mates and past lives fit the rest of the story as well as David’s abilities that help Emrys. Accepting that helps gloss over the three years they were forced to be apart and how seamlessly they pick up again. The last third picks up the pace and there is a showdown that adds some action and tension to the story.

I really liked this book, I am a fan of young love and I enjoy the sweetness this offers and I would love another story with these two and the rest of the family including Rocky.


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