Madeline Ribbon – Redbird Fires


Author: Madeleine Ribbon
Reviewed by: Vivian A. 
Publisher: Silver Publishing
Genre: M/M  Paranormal
ISBN 13: 9781614958307

Rating: ★★★★☆ 


Michael, immortal phoenix and coffee shop owner, is getting ready to for his rebirth. Burning to death hurts like hell and he wants a little moral support. He’s hoping to enlist the help of his new boyfriend, but the relationship isn’t turning out the way Michael thought it would.

Michael’s best customer and weekly coffee-and-gossip date, Avery, takes it upon herself to make sure Michael knows he’s getting played. She also plans to hook up the handsome café owner with her brother, a grouchy botany professor at the local college. When Michael’s boyfriend turns out to be a cheating asshole, Avery does everything in her power to push Michael and her brother together.

Her plan has unexpectedly explosive results.


I’ve been sleeping with who?!  *Face palm* 

Spectacularly awkward! Takes a good friendship to keep sailing through this one. Good job, Avery. Now, Bren on the other hand is a dick–to be fair, it is genetic. That boy started at a disadvantage and just kept digging the hole bigger every time he opened his mouth. Think…then speak, idiot! His rough start transitions albeit not perfectly, but I bought into it. Of course, the smoking hot, plein air sexual interlude was both creative and naughty enough to completely erase any higher brain functions. Gotta say that Michael uses those millennia of experience for good. 

There were so many places this story could have failed epically, but didn’t. Successfully managed to make a fiery bird sexy, see the aforementioned sexcapade. Incorporated Ra without some jenky time warp device and he was cool. Seamlessly addressed past lives and loves without boring me to tears–actually, quite touching to be honest. Oh yeah, didn’t play the heart-ripping out and martyr card for either Bren or Michael.  

One disappointment, we didn’t get to see the toys in the bottom of Bren’s drawer in action. Tease. Horrible…horrible tease. Someone deserves at the very least a timeout if not a spanking for that one. 

This one is for all readers who want a humorous and loving story and don’t freak out at mythology or paranormal elements. 


Favorite quote:


“I’ve been lusting after you since my fist became intimately acquainted with your nose.”


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